Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some guys make it look easy.

I'm hesitant to post this. In fact, this post might disappear soon, so if you are interested, read it now.

A few weeks ago, my class and I had a 3 day retreat focusing on celibacy, which is the discipline for priests in the Roman rite. We had a session on sexual morality, and human dignity, and how pornography is an assault on this dignity, especially feminine dignity.

I think back to my days at WWU, when my friend Jamie was quoted in the newspaper saying, "Pornography is not a problem in that it shows too much of a person, but in that it shows too little of a person, and reduces them to a mere object." It wasn't his idea though. It was Pope John Paul.

One stat we learned from the retreat shocked me. One thousand and one hundred (1100) pornographic videos are produced in the San Fernando Valley every week! People are simply willing to pay a lot of money for this stuff.

My friend Amelia posted an article on her blog, which she found at the LA times, about one of the men who makes millions (soon to be billions if his empire grows) on convincing drunk girls to lift up their shirts. I was struck by 1) how easy it is for him to put girls in this situation and 2) how much of an ******* this guy is. It is long, (and disgusting, and just all around pathetic) but it is interesting. I think it gives a good look at the extremely selfish motives of the people behind the industry.

So, if you want, give it a read.


John Mark said...

That quote (the problem with porn is it shows too little of a person) is very good. I think it really cuts to the heart of this issue from one perspective (what it does to the - typically - women). Of course, the flipside is the negative effect it has on the men who view it.

Seminarian said...

That is a good point as well. I think that this article shows that affect. The whole thing wreaks of skubala.

Amelia said...

Thanks for passing on that article and thank you for you being a Holy Example of a man centered in Christ and willing to uphold the dignity of women. I am thinking of and praying for you!