Friday, November 17, 2006

Scary? Maybe. Good? No...

A word on YouTube real quick… Has anyone noticed the “8 Films to Die For” add that has been running… forever? I wouldn’t waste my money on this even if I did like horror movies. “Too Shocking For the General Public?” Yeah, probably, but no horror movie is for the General public. Remember Freshman year on at the Viking Commons when they had a Halloween Themed Dinner and projected Nightmare On Elm Street on the wall? And that one girl Puked? And that other girl started to faint? And they had to turn it off? Of Course these movies are probably too scary for the general public… But if they were Good, I guarantee you they would have been put in theaters, which is away from the General Public.

When I was young, yet still part of the general public, I couldn’t even watch “The Never Ending Story” without being afraid of that sneezing turtle, the statues that shoot laser beems out of their eyeballs, seeing a horse sink into mud, and (the scariest of all) that flying Dog guy… And he was the good character. None of these are even the thing that was supposed to scare us.... That Nothing Thing. I also couldn’t tell if the main character was a boy or a girl.

This is the best I could do… But its pretty much awesome.

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