Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sad News out of Spokane

Amy Welborn posted this article about the troubled diocese.

Spokane is a church divided. The competing sentiments of spiritual anger and anguish lie at the heart of the bitter bankruptcy proceedings here, which recently entered into final stages of mediation. If mediation fails, Spokane could become the first diocese to be liquated since the sex scandals erupted nationwide in 2002, and the first since a collection of dustbowl parishes collapsed in Salina, Kan., during the Great Depression. Unprecedented legal battles tackling such issues as parish ownership and individual parishioner culpability play out here in a seemingly never-ending procession of court hearings, parish hall gatherings and backroom board meetings. Parishes, friends, even families, have been torn apart as Spokane Catholics confront, with unparalleled urgency, the question of how to compensate for the sins of the Fathers without compromising the future of the children.

The extent of the problem, as well as the deep divisions and questions puzzling the diocese, became apparent in material gleaned from legal depositions as well as dozens of interviews with those involved, including priests, parishioners, church workers, victims and relatives of victims.

Please pray for Bishop Skylstad and the people of this diocese.

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