Saturday, November 18, 2006


I know that the ol’ blog has been lacking Catholic themes lately. So, sorry to those of you who are looking for more of that and haven’t been getting it. But that is going to change over the next few posts. I have some thoughts on the Universal Indult that has been rumored for the last few months, which I have been hesitant to post, but am going to post anyway. Also, the Catholic Blogosphere’s most talked about Cardinal, Cardinal Mahoney, will be coming to our campus after thanksgiving to talk about Immigration. It is open to the public, and I won’t be posting my own thoughts here, but I will take some notes and post them so you all can see.

But first, the community here is shifting out of studies and into celebration mode. The reason is that on Saturday Morning our 4th year theologians were ordained to the transitional deaconate. As the seminary sacristan, I was kept busy, and unfortuneately didn't get to pay as close attention to the actual rite as I would have liked. For example, I had to go re-lite Charcoal and Candles during the prostration. But I did get a few pictures...

Note: these are not to be retransmitted anywhere without my permission.

Here is one of our guys from Congo leading the way with the Thurible.

Here is Tuan, and Ed smiling at the camera. Ed is actually done with the program here and is working in Burbank at St. Finbar Church. He's a great guy, and I've missed him this year. Even though he is a USC fan.
Here are a couple newly ordained priests. Fr. Brendon is from Orange and Fr. Ken is from Monterrey.Here is Bishop Weitzel, the ordaining bishop from the dicoese of Samoa Pago-Pago.

And here is one of the whole group. From Left to right we have, Marco, Ed, Chris, Benedict, Rafael, Tuan, Emilio, and Vaiula.

As more pictures become available to me, I will add them to my Flickr page. Overall, though, the ordination went very very well and I can't wait for the new guys to begin leading prayer and assisting at Mass. One of my favorite parts is watching the liturgical mess ups that occur... but nothing terrible, just a few forgotten lines and stuff.

I do want to post a picture of the Chalice that we used for the Mass. I know it isn't the best picture, which is fine because 1) I'm not a photographer and 2) the camera I used doesn't do well with close ups. But it is better than nothing.
This Chalice was a gift to Archbishop Cantwell of LA, from Pope Pius XII. I wish you could see the engraving on the side, but unfortuneately this is the best picture I have. We usually use this during minisries and ordinations, or other special occasions. It is the gem of our collection (which I cm pretty much in charge of being the sacristan. Booyakasha.).

Alright, enough of this. Time to switch back from celebration mode to Study mode. Enjoy this video, and if anyone at USCCB or Grassroots wants me to take it down, I will. (it isn't a full version, and you'll notice some choppier than usual editing but it is good.) I'll just go ahead and dedicate to all the newly ordained priests and deacons...

Any Takers? I'm all in!

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Val said...

Sounds like you had a cool weekend! Me too. Congrats to your new'll get there someday. Oh, and quit being such a baby. :P See you soon.