Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Maybe it wasn't interesting

I was right that Matthew Good would be following the elections.

I was wrong that anyone would think it was interesting that Washington State is underwater on election day. I just talked to a friend who said Camano Island might close down, and I've heard that many ballots that were to be mailed out today might not reach their destination. It seems this will have a huge impact on what happens in this state. Yet the national media hasn't seemed to pick up on this. Either that or they just don't care.

So because I was right about Matt Good, I'll give you another video. This is a confusing video but a good song:


Val said...

Camano Island did not close down today, I did however see a lot of land under water as I was going home from work today.

Seminarian said...

Well thats good. Did you get to leave early though?