Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Latest Bellingham Outrageousness

Its been quite a fall/winter so far in the home town.

It started snowing last Friday night when I was home, and set everyone back quite a bit. The Herald has goods. As does The Western Front.

Reminds me of the time it snowed Freshman year and a bunch of people (not me) stole trays from the dining hall and slid down Oak Street, right next to Nash Hall. Pretty good stuff, and I kind of wish I was there now.

It also reminds me of watching people fall down in front of the Art Annex (as my favorite front reporter Mike Baab talked about... you can still find his stuff at the Front's website.) Kind of wish I was there too, so I could help them up.

The Viking View Web Cam is looking good as well.

So, all you Washington Folk, drive safe, stay warm, and let me know how you are all doing.

Oh, and any Western Catholics out there... check this out!


Jess said...

Hey you'd best be enjoying Southern Cali because it is COLD up here! The thermometer in my driveway is reading 29 degrees at 3 PM and that's the warmest it's been all day... I know it's even icier up in the 'Ham. Today the closed two out of the three main routes up to Kent's East Hill and there's spinouts all over. The upside though is there's supposed to be one more dumping tonight then we're back to our usual Seattle rain. 'Til then perfect weather for staying inside and drinking hot cocoa!

Seminarian said...

At least you have power.

Its actually a bit chilly here in Cali. Its funny watching everyone walk around with 7 layers on, like we're in an ice age or something.

I hope the deaconate ordinations go as scheduled... there are 2 this week.

Thanks for the comment jess. Enjoy the cocoa.