Monday, November 06, 2006

I'll take it

The Seahawks won their Monday Night Football game. It wasn't pretty but it puts the hawks in first place in the division. It was sadly just the second game I've seen all year. Because Fox thinks we'd rather watch the Eagles play. Every single week.

In much more serious news... and the reason I'm typing this now is because I'm talking on the phone to my friend Val and just thought of it.... is that Washington State is flooding. You may have seen the rain on MNF, but in the areas where I'm from it has been a bit worse, and has sustained for a while. Here is a breaking news feed that will most likely be down by the time you read this. Anyways, it is interesting how this will affect voter turn out. Very interesting actually. It is mostly Western Washington that is flooded, which is the blue part. But it is only the redder parts of the blue that is flooding. It might not matter too much since Washington is voting by mail now. I wonder if they will extend the voting period past tuesday to make sure everyone's vote counts... hmm...

I know one person who might be following the situation in the US. Canadian musician Matt Good. I might not agree with every bit of the dude's politics, but he sure writes some good tunes. This one is called Weapon:

But first a story about it: My buddy Shaun is a huge Matt Good fan, and one day (I think right at the end of my sophomore year) I went with him, my roommate Quinn and my friend Nicole, up to Vancouver to be in the Matt Good video... for this song! Only it didn't work out. There were a ton of poeple there. We waited for a while. Finally got to go inside. waited some more. waited so long he ordered us all some pizza. Then because of some "disagreement with the director" he told us all to go home. People were really ticked off. He fired the director.* On the commentary of his greatest hits DVD he says that he didn't like the way we looked. Liar. We got a sweet pic with him though.

The video turned out real nice:
Everyone has a God to kill for, huh Matt? Well than I must be lucky to have a God to die for. (cheezy, I know, but true.)

* THe director that got fired from the video actually wound up accepting the award for best rock video at the canadian music awards.

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