Thursday, November 16, 2006

Finally, I agree with Bavasi

Well, at least the first half of this article that addresses the GM's hopes for improving the Mariner's starting rotation.

There is one good thing about having a terrible baseball team. It really makes you appreciate moments like these:
Excuse me while I go and dry my tears.

Update Using my handy Google Blog search engine, I have found a couple of great Blogs of the Mariners. Mariner's Revolution (Another of my teams revolutionizing?) is primarily about the farm system, which stems from the author's (good) philosophy of developing talent rather than spending money on expensive free agents. Perusing his archives, it seems we agree that Bavasi and Hargrove are major obstacles in the way of the M's coming back to MLB power status. Although I agree with the philosophy I want Jason Schmidt to come over via Free Agency.

Mariner World is another Blog that looks to be well written, and I like his post about not going after J.D Drew. A few too many Sonics posts, but they will be leaving Town anyways, so that problem should clear itself up.

Update But I'd take Bavasi over the Blue Jay's GM, because he just spent 18 Million on 2 years worth of Frank Thomas, now 38 years old. I know he is coming off a great year witht the A's, but if there is anything I learned watching the Mariners plummet in '03, it is that players get old FAST. The same lineup that won 209 games over a 2 year period played well below .500 the year after.... because everyone was old.

My prediction: The Blue Jays GM is fired this year and the Big Hurt never pans out in the Great White North... "I'll take you to the Looney Bin, eh." "I want to go to the Brewery." "Take off, Hoser."

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