Thursday, November 02, 2006

El Dia de los Muertos

Did I get it right Jess?

Today the Church celebrated All Souls day. A day when we commemorate the dead. So, I'd like to write a little bit about a friend of mine who passed away.
His name is Brian Brett, and we went to Sehome High School together. Myself, and two other guys named Kris and Zach routinely went out to lunch together. I always felt I was so lucky to wind up with the same lunch schedule as these guys. Every day we ran out to Brian's grey jeep and hopped in and (sorry dad) sped down Bill McDonald to Samish.

It is funny to me that our favorite place, Diego's Authentic Mexican Grill, didn't even open for about 10 minutes after we showed up. It didn't matter though. We would just wait outside, and every once in a while get into some trouble (no, I'm not going into details). Once inside, Brian would order first because he drove. Then we would follow. Kathy at Diego's calls me OB (other Bryan) to this day every time I walk in to her restaurant. It shocked me when I heard that Brian turned vegetarian, because I couldn't imagine him eating anything besides the Chicken express burrito.

Zach would always annoy Brian by messing up his pre-set radio stations. Brian never seemed to care. He would just calmly change them back, only to have them messed up again about 2 minutes later.

Brian was an outdoorsmen, and took a year to lead some adventure trips. He then wound up at Gonzaga. When he, and the others, would come back to Bellingham we would all get together at Diego's.

When word came out that Brian died in an avalanche while skiing in Northern Idaho, Kris, Zach and I couldn't imagine not going to Diego's. When we got there, though it wasn't just us. About 10 people who all came back to town for the funeral were already there, and a few more showed up.

The funeral was at Sacred Heart. You have never seen Sacred Heart so packed. People were literally sitting on top of each other. There were a lot of tears. For me the toughest part was watching the Pall Bearers place the casket up by the altar. When they set it down a few of them broke down, and it set of a chain reaction of emotion. Saying goodby was difficult, but being there with everyone else really helped.

I miss the guy a lot. His family set up a website for people to share their memories. Here it is.

I've often thought of my first Mass as a priest, and I know this guy will be present with the rest of us, singing the Sanctus.

May Brian, and all the dead, come to know the fullness of God's love, and may we all find our loved ones again, at the wedding feast of the Lamb. Amen.

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