Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bishops, Bloggers, and Bouldin

Yesterday I got a chance to watch a little bit of the USCCB meeting in Baltimore. They discussed some important issues, which many bloggers out there, Catholic and Non, are discussing today and a couple documents were published. As is the usual custom around here, I'm not going to comment on them, but I will say that they are worth a read.

But when I watched, I did notice that my Archbishop, Alexander, Brunett and his two auxiliaries, Joseph Tyson and Eusebia Elizondo (who doubles as my vocation directory) were seated right in front of everyone at a red table. The other tables were blue. I'm not sure why this was, but they looked like they were part of the action. None of the usual Catholic Bloggers mentioned it, so I'm just going to guess it wasn't important.

In other news, TIME ran this great article on Nuns who blog. This has already been circling the Catholic blogosphere today, and I usually don't post News Links, but this is simply a fabulous article. Read it.

Still in other news, I'm off to a seculded location to finish this paper on Aquinas so I can watch the Zags tonight. Last night was really the first time I have been able to watch closely, and it looked good. We'll see what happens when our competition improves, but watching a blowout like that is pretty fun.

And I learned something valuable while watching the game. Ugandans like Gonzaga. I've successfully recruited about 4 or 5 new Zag fans here. I lured one of the Ugandans to watch the game because the University is named after his patron Saint, but the other guys came too, and pretty much loved it. They are already talking about the game tonight. One of our Nigerian brothers I got by talking about Nigerian Zag Abdulahi Kuso.

Whatever works! Go Zags.

And since this never gets old:

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