Sunday, October 01, 2006

They Really Do Hate Us....

WARNING: This post consists of me whining. And then it consists of some randomness.

By "they" I mean people who aren't from the state of washington. By "us" I mean our sports teams from the state of washington. By "hate" I mean, Really enjoy abstaining from Cheering for. Therefore... People who aren't from the state of Washington really enjoy abstaining from cheering for our sports teams from the state of Washington.

I know that the entire east coast thinks we are just overreacting. But we aren't. I was just at a restaurant here in LA and had to put up with an entire bar that cheered progressively louder for the frickin bears as we got dominated more and more. Needless to say, its been an aweful night. Now if this was Chicago, then so be it. But this is LA, and in LA, they cheer for whoever is winning. Just last February, this entire town was puuling for the Steelers, because Vegas had the steelers winning... then they all become Bears fans??? Also, when Gonzaga was going through their tournament run last year they wound up playing against UCLA. Even the ANTI-UCLA crowd around here wound up cheering for the freaking Bruins. I can't figure these people out, but getting the indifferent folk to cheer for a team from Washington is terribly difficult.

But I can't say I blame them after tonight's game. The Seahawks have been simply terrible lately. They've been outscored 61-6 in the last 5 quarters. Thats not gonna win any super bowls, dudes.

I'm also using this post to announce that I will be pulling for the Twins this year in the MLB playoffs. I don't think I have to use this post to announce that I hope the Yankees lose.

Onto the randomness...

When it was suggested that I go see that new Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher movie, "The Guardian," I really didn't want to go. I've already seen kevin Costner play his character before. (Its the same look! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills). But this movie was pretty dang good. I really really enjoyed it, and it was worth the money I paid. So go see it.

I also watched Saturday Night Live last night. It wasn't bad. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. I am disapointed that Horatio Sanz is no longer a cast member though. Rachel Dratch is no longer on board either. The writing seemed alright though, and there were some funny skits.... especially the one about airport security. Hopefully it continues to improve.

And now for one of my favorite Dratch/Sanz skits... The only reason its funny is how badly everyone broke character, so keep watching.


SA said...

I totally hate the Seahawks, and I can chose from a laundry list of reasons why, ranging from John L. Williams to Cortez Kennedy to those uniforms of theirs. What color is that? Steel blue? Bluey silver? What?

Seminarian said...

I call it navy...

But at least you consistently like the Broncos, rather than changing your team from week to week. I realize though that the people down here don't have an NFL team, so I guess I should cut them a little slack.

Cortez is the man.

SA said...

My like for the Broncos is a sickness. So if it is consistent, it is a terminal one.