Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Midnight Post

I should be in bed. I say that not so much in the whiny sense, but in the sense that I know whats best for me. What is best for me doesn't include an 11:30 pm trip to InN'Out Burger.

But it isn't really my fault. I have a lot of stuff going on, and it isn't even all mine. As some of you know, we have some seminarians from Uganda studying here. They are all pretty much computer illiterate, and do not know how to type very well. There is no way they could get sll of their stuff done without help, and so a few of us are working overtime. Its been a great opportunity to get to know these guys a little better.

Anyways, since a Toto video probably isn't the most appropriate way to end this thing, I'll leave a different one. A funny one. I dedicate it to Scott at my favorite Gonzaga/other stuff/comedy website La Revolucion because (like this fictional News Team) he has spent time in Spokane and I think he'd like the poster on the wall.


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SA said...

Oh, man...that's awesome. I'm now giddy.