Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Another Late Night

UPDATE: I realize that the links don't work right now and I will fix them after I'm done washing dishes. Should be by 7:30... Check back... It is worth it.

I've been up late so many nights in a row now studying for mid-terms and writing papers, I can't sleep when I want to. Which is now. So, I thought I'd hop on and find out whats happening in my hometown of Bellingham Washington.

Some interesting stuff:

New Doughnut Shop! If I liked doughnuts, I'd totally go here when I was home. Ok, well I'll still go check it out. You might say to yourself, "This will no doubt hurt lafeens, since I know many people who would gladly drive from Campus all the way to lake whatcom to get a fresh doughnut, and now they just have to go to Holly." Then you notice that this place is only going to be open until 3pm. Which is strange. You would think they might want to expirament with the late night/early morning crowd that usually gets pretty hungry around "Get out of the bar" time. After all, this is when Pita Pit makes a ton of its money, and now there is that dumpling place that seems to do pretty well for having a menu that consists entirely of dumplings. What is a dumpling anyway? Speaking of that dumpling place, its pretty good. I've only been there once, but the dude that runs it is really cool. And he makes some mean dumplings. I recommend the beef.

Let's see, what else is there.

Wierd. Ok, so for those of you who have never heard of Bellingham Washington (Did I mention I'm from Bellingham?), we have a lot of serial killers. I'm not joking. Ted Bundy spent some time there. The Green River killer spent some time there. The DC Snipers spent some time there. (Who spent a little bit of time at the Local Lighthouse mission where I volunteered once or twice... Ok it was once. Had it been seven or eight I could have put the "or" in. I only did it to try to make myself look "more priestly." Now I'm a non-volunteerer, non "priestly" and a liar. Anyways, that article doesn't have anything to do with serial killers. But it is very very strange.

Notice the hilarious thing about this article though. The Pictures. The one on the left is apparently the older more inferior one, while the one on the right is the better more accurate one drawn in 2000. Either the Bellingham Herald pulled a.. well... a "Bellingham Herald" as my buddy calls it and got it wrong, or I'm just gonna go ahead and blame it on the Bamboo Inn. Actually.. Yep. Thats it. The Bamboo Inn. Just hook me up with the reward now.

Guess whose town has a new logo!!!!

Woo-hoo! Wait... Wait.. just... one... second... Is that Mt. Baker? And Mount Shuksan? Shaped like a building? Because that's what I think about when I think of Bellingham. Buildings. (Seriously.. read the article. thats what it is supposed to be.) Just one question. Why does a city need a logo? Well I guess Spokane has that logo of a Bulldog... (Did I just type that out loud?) But seriously, I don't know why Bellingham Needs a Logo to say its good. Just look at it:
Thats the view from my parents street. Not too many buildings actually. And those are the San Juan islands on the horizon, right beyond Bellingham Bay. Pretty solid town actually.

But if you ever visit, look out, or you might get the Dennis Rodman treatment. Yes. This is Dennis Rodman. In Bellingham. Getting it sent back by Brian "Yogi" Dennis formerly of Western Washington University. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Number 22 in the video turns out to be Sehome High School standout Jacob Stevensen. Who scored mention on his second post in row. He's hitting the bigtime now. I was a freshman when theis guy was a junior, and he was freakin good. I remember that game at state Sophomore year when he was like 15 for 15 until he missed a dunk at the end of the game. Then at WWU he took the Vikings all the way to the NCAA div II final four, which was cool. Now, he plays for the world famous Bellingham Slam. But they apparently play a team from Hollywood, so I might go check him out.

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Zach said...

Hilarious B'town post Ochs. Although now that I live in the "Inland Empire" (Spokane) I will have to correct you on our city's logo. It's not a bulldog, it's this.