Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Zach... What are you (or your wife) thinking?

Dude. Are you trying to traumatize the kid:

I bet you anything you and Cheri are going to pay 100 bucks to put this, along with his senior picture, in the back of his High school yearbook. Actually I don't bet anything, because then you would know we were betting and you'd bet a lot and win automatically. Did the Godparents have a say in this?

Speaking of the God parents, Jamie and Jesse's baby girl looks like she's doing just fine. Take a look for yourself:
By the way, I'm very disapointed I spelled Catherine wrong. I should have know they meant the St. Catherine way.

Honestly though, these pictures made my day. Thanks for sending them Cheri.

Another Late Night

UPDATE: I realize that the links don't work right now and I will fix them after I'm done washing dishes. Should be by 7:30... Check back... It is worth it.

I've been up late so many nights in a row now studying for mid-terms and writing papers, I can't sleep when I want to. Which is now. So, I thought I'd hop on and find out whats happening in my hometown of Bellingham Washington.

Some interesting stuff:

New Doughnut Shop! If I liked doughnuts, I'd totally go here when I was home. Ok, well I'll still go check it out. You might say to yourself, "This will no doubt hurt lafeens, since I know many people who would gladly drive from Campus all the way to lake whatcom to get a fresh doughnut, and now they just have to go to Holly." Then you notice that this place is only going to be open until 3pm. Which is strange. You would think they might want to expirament with the late night/early morning crowd that usually gets pretty hungry around "Get out of the bar" time. After all, this is when Pita Pit makes a ton of its money, and now there is that dumpling place that seems to do pretty well for having a menu that consists entirely of dumplings. What is a dumpling anyway? Speaking of that dumpling place, its pretty good. I've only been there once, but the dude that runs it is really cool. And he makes some mean dumplings. I recommend the beef.

Let's see, what else is there.

Wierd. Ok, so for those of you who have never heard of Bellingham Washington (Did I mention I'm from Bellingham?), we have a lot of serial killers. I'm not joking. Ted Bundy spent some time there. The Green River killer spent some time there. The DC Snipers spent some time there. (Who spent a little bit of time at the Local Lighthouse mission where I volunteered once or twice... Ok it was once. Had it been seven or eight I could have put the "or" in. I only did it to try to make myself look "more priestly." Now I'm a non-volunteerer, non "priestly" and a liar. Anyways, that article doesn't have anything to do with serial killers. But it is very very strange.

Notice the hilarious thing about this article though. The Pictures. The one on the left is apparently the older more inferior one, while the one on the right is the better more accurate one drawn in 2000. Either the Bellingham Herald pulled a.. well... a "Bellingham Herald" as my buddy calls it and got it wrong, or I'm just gonna go ahead and blame it on the Bamboo Inn. Actually.. Yep. Thats it. The Bamboo Inn. Just hook me up with the reward now.

Guess whose town has a new logo!!!!

Woo-hoo! Wait... Wait.. just... one... second... Is that Mt. Baker? And Mount Shuksan? Shaped like a building? Because that's what I think about when I think of Bellingham. Buildings. (Seriously.. read the article. thats what it is supposed to be.) Just one question. Why does a city need a logo? Well I guess Spokane has that logo of a Bulldog... (Did I just type that out loud?) But seriously, I don't know why Bellingham Needs a Logo to say its good. Just look at it:
Thats the view from my parents street. Not too many buildings actually. And those are the San Juan islands on the horizon, right beyond Bellingham Bay. Pretty solid town actually.

But if you ever visit, look out, or you might get the Dennis Rodman treatment. Yes. This is Dennis Rodman. In Bellingham. Getting it sent back by Brian "Yogi" Dennis formerly of Western Washington University. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Number 22 in the video turns out to be Sehome High School standout Jacob Stevensen. Who scored mention on his second post in row. He's hitting the bigtime now. I was a freshman when theis guy was a junior, and he was freakin good. I remember that game at state Sophomore year when he was like 15 for 15 until he missed a dunk at the end of the game. Then at WWU he took the Vikings all the way to the NCAA div II final four, which was cool. Now, he plays for the world famous Bellingham Slam. But they apparently play a team from Hollywood, so I might go check him out.

Monday, October 30, 2006


As the few of you who follow college basketball know, the University of Washington is thinking about not resuming their series with Gonzaga next year, and throwing an obstruction in the path of one of the great up and coming rivalries on the West Coast, if not the nation.

I want to be clear that I AM a Husky fan. I'm just a bigger Gonzaga fan. There are a few reasons why, but I've been a fan of GU since the early nineties when John Kinloch (That might not be the correct spelling) was my camp counselor at Camp Firwood in Bellingham. His "camp name," was Hoosier, and he is probably the best player ever to come out of my High School, Sehome. (OThers are Mark Spink of Gonzaga and Jacob and Jared Stevenson of WWU). I was only in fourth grade then, and I don't think I even knew that UW had a basketball team. Only when a really close friend of mine from High School walked onto the team in the year 2000 did I begin to follow the Huskies, and have been a pretty big supporter since.

The reason I say all this is because this letter I sent to Todd Turner of the UW athletic department may have seemed misleading, when it really isnt. It is more from my Husky fan side that I am disapointed with the decision. I am also, however, a fan of Washington State Basketball in general, and am proud that we have had such highly talented players come out of our state over the last couple of years, which will not be showcased at this level if the decision is kept. Anyways, a couple days ago, I wrote this:

Mr. Turner,

As a fan of University of Washington Basketball, I beg you to re-think your possible decision of ending the Gonzaga vs Washington game. No other event in the state of Washington showcases our state's basketball talent like this game. I believe it gives both of the schools great national attention, something that we have to work for on the West Coast.

Please reconsider,

Well, I was happy to check my email this morning to see that he actually took time to respond:

Dear Mr. ...,

Thank you for taking the time to write.

It’s not so much a decision to end the Gonzaga series as it is wanting to take advantage of other opportunities – there are only so many non-conference games available, and we want to make certain we try to do the right thing by the men’s basketball program and, more importantly, the student-athletes. We are in the final year of a four-year agreement with the Bulldogs, which is why this has come up now – it was not an open-ended series.

Thank you again for writing. I appreciate the feedback

First off, I have major respect for this guy to write me back, when he definately didn't have to... Even if he just copy and pasted it along with all the other people who wrote to him, or even more likely had a student on WorkStudy do it for him. I still got respek. But I still disagree with him too. But, his ear is open, so if there are any UW fans out there (I know there is at least one) or fans in general who want this guys ear... he is listening.

Just remember to be respectful...

I decided to leave this video, although I'm still a little bummed by the outcome, because it shows how into this game the UW fans are.
Rivalries take time to make. Gonzaga has dominated the series, and UW was obviously pumped up to stop the streak with an incredible win. If this Rivalry is going to happen, (And UW needs it more than GU) now is a good time to make it happen.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Hey yo.

An update for all the Western Washington University people.

Jamie and Jesse had their baby on Sunday Morning. A girl, Kathryn Marie. Both mom and baby are healthy. Keep them in your prayers.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a video of it on youtube. You'll just have to imagine it.


Whats more frustrating than watching the Seahawks repeatedly give up huge plays on 3rd and 4th down?

Watching the Seahawks repeatedly give up huge plays on 3rd and 4th down on ESPN's Gamecast.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Still working

Its dead around here. Everyone is home for the free weekend. Its nice, because I still have a TON of work to do for midterms.

The good news is, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Plus I got this guy to keep me company. At least one of his CDs is keeping me company. Which is fine, because his finger nails are kind of freaky.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Just a quick update.

This last weekend I recieved Candidacy. That meanst that I have made a public statement that I am in formation for priesthood. It was pretty cool overall. I wish I had some pictures right now to show you, but you will have to wait until later this week when I get them e-mailed to me.

The second years also recieved their ministry of Reader. They asked me to be the Thurifer (incensor). It made things crazy in the sacristy, but it was fun serving.

My parents and grandparents also visited. I took them around L.A. Pretty Good little Saturday. Beverly Hills, Hollywood (I still don't like hollywood), Santa Monica, Malibu... and lovely Camarillo. Then they left me here and went off to Vegas.

In other news, I'm halfway through midterms. I still have a take home test for Old Testament, an Exegesis on the Old Testament, An article Critique for Old Testament, and an Outline of a book on the Eucharist for liturgy... Due by Monday. It will be hard to get it done, but I'll manage.

Seahawks stank it up today.... and we are down to our second string quarter back for a couple weeks it looks like. ND keeps playing terrible only to win in thrilling fashion. The most overrated team in College football, the University of Oregon, finally lost.

Anyways... I'm pretty much looking forward to Gonzaga Basketball to start up again. And thats about it. Here is a clip of what is behind the Zags, and what might be considered the Future:

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Midnight Post

I should be in bed. I say that not so much in the whiny sense, but in the sense that I know whats best for me. What is best for me doesn't include an 11:30 pm trip to InN'Out Burger.

But it isn't really my fault. I have a lot of stuff going on, and it isn't even all mine. As some of you know, we have some seminarians from Uganda studying here. They are all pretty much computer illiterate, and do not know how to type very well. There is no way they could get sll of their stuff done without help, and so a few of us are working overtime. Its been a great opportunity to get to know these guys a little better.

Anyways, since a Toto video probably isn't the most appropriate way to end this thing, I'll leave a different one. A funny one. I dedicate it to Scott at my favorite Gonzaga/other stuff/comedy website La Revolucion because (like this fictional News Team) he has spent time in Spokane and I think he'd like the poster on the wall.


Monday, October 16, 2006

Great Article

In the US we have a lot of players that I believe would succeed in Europe. I'm sure of it. Its just that none of these players play on the US National Team. They are like this guy... Jay Demerit. Scott from La Revolucion sent me this article about an American who couldn't make it into the MLS who is doing very well in the Premiership of England. I think the US coach needs to take note of this. Wait... Do we even have a coach?

Here is a video of the goal he scored:

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Google is rad...

They developed a new program called Google Docs where you can share documents online. I think this is a great idea. Now I can post papers online if I want to. That being said, I don't know if I even want to post papers online. But what the hey. Here is a philosophy paper I wrote last year on utilitarianism.
I wanted to give you a specific video for this one, but I couldn't find a way to embed it. So here is a link to it, and another video just for fun.

Friday, October 13, 2006


I've been rediculously busy this week with non-scholastic activities. Most of it is due to my job as the seminary sacristan, but there is a lot of formation stuff thats been happening to. Advisor Meetings, Rector conferences, Field Education.... the list goes on. I'm really going try and get that paper on faith and reason done today (although I usually keep Friday as holy as the Sabbath, since I don't have class).

On the bright side, I saw a hilarious episode of the simpsons last night (I couldn't sleep) where Bart and Homer want to convert to Catholicism. Here is a clip:

Thats not exactly the way I pictured it, but it was pretty funny, I thought.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


A couple weeks back, I wrote an entry explaining why I added the Tomfoolery aspect to the blog. Some people have e-mailed me enquiring why I'm a seminarian. So... here is my (rather boring) vocation story. Please note, this is not really the whole story, but it is the basic gist of it.

I went to Catholic school until 8th grade. When I was in second grade, my Pastor walked into our classroom and shared with us that he was our age when he knew he wanted to be a priest. That is the first moment I ever felt "called." I had no idea what that would entail, except that it meant I would have to go to Mass a lot. That didn't sound too apealing to me. I really didn't like Mass. I dreaded going there and would throw fits when my mom tried to stuff me and my brother in the car. Still, throughout my childhood, I just knew that I would be a priest.

I was a kid that loved sports, and was always doing something. We had a local select soccer team in my town, the Whatcom F.C. Rangers, and I tried out eleven and made it. This was a turning point for me, because we started going to Mass a lot less after this. I played on that team until I was 18, which meant that for about 7 or 8 years, Soccer was my religion.

My best friend, though, was a good influence on me. He was a pretty knowledgeable about the Catholic faith, and made an effort to develop Christian friendships. He started to go to a non-denominational service called The INN. The INN was geared toward college students and a lot of the protestants from our High School went there. I started going with them. I enjoyed it a lot, and when I decided to go to Western I decided that I would go to The INN every week.

I think it was Ash Wednesday when I began to get "homesick" for the Catholic Faith. I actually saw some people around campus sporting ashes on their forehead. I didn't know much about Catholicism, but I did know that Ash wednedsay was the beginning of Lent, and that it was a custom to "give something up." I mentioned this to some of my friends from the INN, and they either had no idea what I was talking about, or they were shocked that I would do something "so Catholic." This homesickness was further realized when the INN did a communion service. I remembered from m catechesis that communion was supposed to be more special than the way we celebrated it here. After asking a friend about communion and how the Catholic view was different than his, I realized how terribly uneducated I was concerning the faith. I didn't even know what I really believed. So, I decided I would go to Mass again and figure everything out.

I had heard of a Catholic Student Center on the University Campus, so I decided to check it out. When I got there I was pretty surprised with how many people I already knew. This got me to come back a few times. I got more and more involved, and began studying up on the faith. One partuicular activity that I ejoyed was studying the Theology of the Body, by John Paul II. I developed a prayer life built around the Sacraments and devotion to Our Lady. My Junior year, I got a job with the ministry. The people there became some of my best friends. They were the ones who helped me re-visit my thoughts about priesthood.

One night in particular struck me. We were on one of our annual retreats and one of the culminating moments of this was a Reconciliation Service. There were about 4 or 5 priests hearing confessions for the 70 or so students in attendance. Some of the students hadn't been to confession in a long time. I sat in the back of the room watching each student walk up and make their confession. I watched the priest and student have a conversation, then I would see the priest's hand raise as he spoke the words of absolution. I didn't want to admit it to myself, but I had this urge to help the priests and hear confessions.

While I was afraid of the vocation, I remained open to it, and it grew in me. My senior year of college was when I decided I would go to seminary and give it a shot, and here I am. Yeah, it was a little more complicated than that, but thats all I'm really interested in revealing at the moment.

I just want to close by restating what it says in the upper right hand corner of this page. I'm doing this because I love the Church. This video might help explain it.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

They Really Do Hate Us....

WARNING: This post consists of me whining. And then it consists of some randomness.

By "they" I mean people who aren't from the state of washington. By "us" I mean our sports teams from the state of washington. By "hate" I mean, Really enjoy abstaining from Cheering for. Therefore... People who aren't from the state of Washington really enjoy abstaining from cheering for our sports teams from the state of Washington.

I know that the entire east coast thinks we are just overreacting. But we aren't. I was just at a restaurant here in LA and had to put up with an entire bar that cheered progressively louder for the frickin bears as we got dominated more and more. Needless to say, its been an aweful night. Now if this was Chicago, then so be it. But this is LA, and in LA, they cheer for whoever is winning. Just last February, this entire town was puuling for the Steelers, because Vegas had the steelers winning... then they all become Bears fans??? Also, when Gonzaga was going through their tournament run last year they wound up playing against UCLA. Even the ANTI-UCLA crowd around here wound up cheering for the freaking Bruins. I can't figure these people out, but getting the indifferent folk to cheer for a team from Washington is terribly difficult.

But I can't say I blame them after tonight's game. The Seahawks have been simply terrible lately. They've been outscored 61-6 in the last 5 quarters. Thats not gonna win any super bowls, dudes.

I'm also using this post to announce that I will be pulling for the Twins this year in the MLB playoffs. I don't think I have to use this post to announce that I hope the Yankees lose.

Onto the randomness...

When it was suggested that I go see that new Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher movie, "The Guardian," I really didn't want to go. I've already seen kevin Costner play his character before. (Its the same look! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills). But this movie was pretty dang good. I really really enjoyed it, and it was worth the money I paid. So go see it.

I also watched Saturday Night Live last night. It wasn't bad. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. I am disapointed that Horatio Sanz is no longer a cast member though. Rachel Dratch is no longer on board either. The writing seemed alright though, and there were some funny skits.... especially the one about airport security. Hopefully it continues to improve.

And now for one of my favorite Dratch/Sanz skits... The only reason its funny is how badly everyone broke character, so keep watching.