Saturday, September 09, 2006


I began this blog almost one year ago at a time when there was a lot of transition in my life. Many of my frieds and family members were interested in what the seminary would be like and wanted to hear how things were going. After sending out one mass e-mail, I decided I never wanted to do it again. So I began this blog.

I thought briefly about a name. I had no idea what to call it, but I did know that the word "meandering" would not be used. I'm a little more original than that. But still, I'm not that original. I stole the name from the Simpsons... except for the seminarian part.

The episode I stole it from is from season seven (the best season of the simpsons, hands down). Its called "22 Short Films About Springfield," or something like that. One of my favorite characters from the show of all time, Professor Frink, runs in at the end as the credits are rolling with the title of his show, "The Tomfoolery of Professor Frink." This is actually the moment when I became a Frink fan.

Tomfoolery seemed appropriate as well since I wasn't looking to write a theologically driven blog. Obvioulsy, I'm a man of faith and love the church's theology and study it, but until I'm qualified to teach it, I wont be publishing much of it on the internet. One reason is that I'm not is that there are bloggers doing a better job than I can (see the links on the side). Another is that I don't want to get a label pinned on me prior to ordination (if you don't know what I mean here, then you are lucky).

But I do think that this blog has its purpose other than just being some random dude writing about his life. When I was discerning the vocation and considering seminary I would have loved to have seen something like this. I would have liked to have seen someone blogging their journey, from class, to other aspects of formation, to what they do for fun.

It is honestly difficult to keep this up though. Some things I write about might not seem "very priestly" as some people put it. Sometimes, my immaturity might show through in what I right. Sometimes I write too quickly and publish some sort of garbage loaded with spelling errors. With this in mind, I must confess that this blog serves an important purpose in my formation as well, in that it is preparing me to be a public person and a representative of the Church.

I hope you'll enjoy the blog this year, but I realize its not for everyone. Still, please feel free to comment. Its nice to know who finds this thing. And please pray for me and my fellow seminarians as we continue on to be formed for service in the Church.

God bless you all. Now, here is a short Youtube clip of Professor Frink from a Halloween special:


Amelia said...

Bryan-thanks for that post and the clarification..your insight is great too!

Travis said...

Your openness and honesty make the church as a whole more appealing than when just stiffs are in charge. The world doesn't seem to know that the Pope is ACTUALLY the anti-stiff, and the church IS all about love. What is "very priestly?" Using a salad fork?! Good grief. Then again, my parents are hippies.

LauraT said...

Hey Bryan,
Just wanted to say that I find your blog very real and refreshing and I thank you for sharing your life with us , cuz through it all, you are sharing God with us !
Blessings for a good school year !

Val said...

The smile for 2 reasons:
a) I'm glad we're friends.
b) I'm proud of you for being a seminarian in a screwed up world.

SA said...

"Do you find something comical about my appearance when I am driving in my automobile?"

Seminarian said...

Great line, but my favorite part of that episode was Principal Skinner and Superintendant Chalmers and Steamed Hams and Aurora Borealis. Classic.