Thursday, September 28, 2006

Some assignments:

I'm gonna be pretty busy the next week or so. Here is an overview of some of my assignments I have to work on.

-A short exegesis on Exodus 3, The Burning Bush. I think I'm gonna zero in on verse 5 which talks a bit about Reverence.

-A critique of a scholarly article for my Old Testament class. I've read half of the article, and its basically a feminist/liberation article.

-An outline of a book on the Eucharist for my class on the liturgy. I have chosen the book, "The Holy Eucharist" by Aidan Nichols, O.P. (I strongly recomend it)

-An instruction on an aspect of the Liturgy to a specific audience or church event. I will be composing a presentation geared towards adult men about full active and concious participation in the liturgy.

-A five page paper on the topic of Faith and Reason in the writings of Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

I'm most excited for the last assignment on this list, the one on Faith and Reason. I will get to compare the great encyclical Fides et Ratio by John Paul II to the (very controversial, at least according to the media) recent address by Pope Benedict at Regensburg. It should be interesting.

Fides et Ratio, literally Faith and Reason, is something that I think everyone should read. If you are catholic, it is vital for you to know the way faith and reason work together in truth. The reason you should read it is that I'm tired of hearing people think that the Church is opposed to Science and the like. But if you aren't Catholic, then I think you should read this too, because you also won't give off the impression that the Church is opposed to Science and the like. Its a very easy read, and you can find it on the vatican website. Here is a link.

Take it easy, have a good weekend. I won't because I'm under pressure with all these assignments. And now for your youtube video... you guessed it:


Jess said...

Faith, reason, JPII...very cool. I found a really cool quote about that in "Gift and Mystery", it's on my Myspace page if you want to take a peek. Try to stay sane through all your assignments!

Val said...

I wanna hear about your presentation on the full and active participation in the liturgy. I've actually got some questions about this, but I'd better read my new liturgy manual that the Archdiocese just issued. You know, 'cuz I've got some supervisory status now....psycho.