Monday, September 11, 2006

Sesquicentennial plus One

UPDATE: I was half asleep when I made that last post, and I didn't relize at the time, but my wording accidently slammed Shelley, and made me look like a total jerk. I hope none of you saw it, as it was not the intention.

My 151st post! And its a picture my friend took of a parish back home in Bellingham!Other than the ugly number things on the side this is pretty sweet. Hopefully a bigger picture will be made available. If not, I'll just have to buy it.

Its Sacred Heart Church in Bellingham, Washington, upstairs in the balcony. And it was taken by the talented Shelley Mauss. So pick up a copy of Living Faith at your local Catholic Bookstore and let them know how freakin sweet you think the picture on the front is.

Keep up the good work Shelley.

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shelley said...

You are too funny!

Not to worry, I didn't read your blog last night...but you could never be a total jerk! :)

Here's the original photo, when I posted it to my 365 day project...

Upstairs at Sacred Heart

And congrats on your 151st post!