Friday, September 08, 2006

A few words on this semester...

For those of you who don't know, I am currently in year two of a six year formation program. Last year I studied philosophy, and this year I am beginning Theology. Here is an outline of my courses.

Intermediate Spanish - Although I feel like a beginner still. All the other guys in my class are new, and have all had at least two years. I've only had one year so far, and am already struggling.

Fundamental Theology - This class has a strong philsophical component and is very foundational to the studies I will have over the next four years. It focuses on the relationship between faith and reason.

Scripture: Genesis through Kings - Pretty straight forward here.

Homiletics - basically an introduction to public speaking.

Introduction to Christian Spirituality - the only class I haven't had yet. Basically some theology on spirituality and prayer.

Itroduction to Liturgy - with focus on Mass and Liturgy of the hours.

Intermediate Greek - a continuation of the class I had last year. I've got my greek new testament ready to go!

A pretty heavy load. Eighteen credits total. The semester is off to a great start.

I was also made the head sacristan at the seminary this year... which is interesting. I've never worked in a sacristy before, and now I'm in charge of a really big one. Its fun though. Getting up early in the morning when it is quiet and setting up for Holy Mass is an interesting experience.

I have a couple posts planned for the weekend. One will be on the Notre Dame game. I found a great place to watch games. Its a place called Cabo Cantina, and the reason its cool is that the Notre Dame club of Los Angeles has their Game Watch parties there. They even have a band there playing the fight song and stuff.

I also want to post a little bit about why I named this blog the Tomfoolery of a Seminarian.

Happy Birthday Mary. Go ND.

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Jess said...

It sounds like an intense semester, but also like you've got some pretty cool classes in there. Study hard, y practica tu Espanol!