Monday, August 14, 2006

Some Fun Times Part II

Continued from previous post...

My friend Quinn and I decided to try and go get some tickets. We talked to a couple of Independent Ticket Brokers (scalpers) and were disapointed that they were so expensive. Not willing to give up at this point, I went into a Starbucks and asked a dude if he had anything I could make a sign with. Using a Pizza box, I made a sign explaining that I needed 2 tickets... I believe it read, "I Need 2 Tickets."

So we wakled away from the ticket brokers and away from quest and finally a girl stopped us and randomly asked if we needed 2 tickets. I wonder how she knew.

She sold us two $75 seats for 60 a piece. We saved 30 bucks right there. Then I ran into my friend Matt... who happened to owe me 40 dollars, and he set me up. Keeping in mind that this was 40 dollars I never expected to see again, it felt like I got a 75 dollar ticket for 20 bucks.

Into the stadium...

It didn't take us long to spot Beckham. Here he is. He's the one in the blue shoes.

Freddy Adu, the 17 year old phenom, was there warming up. He played pretty well. Roberto Carlos pretty much man-handled him once or twice, but Freddy had a lot to do with DC's goal.

Real Madrid Celebrating after their goal, a nice shot off the near post and in. Although it was about 20 minutes into the game, a lot of the crowd missed this due to traffic.

Our seats were very pretty high up, but they were right on the halfway line, and there wasn't a single inch of the field we couldn't see. Quest Field was a great site for this.

The game was very good. Real scored first, and then DC scored a few minutes later. The Real stars only played for a half each, which was kind of unfortunate. The most exciting stretch of the game came very close to the end, when Robert Carlos crushed the ball off a free kick (and I mean crushed! this was definately the hardest strike I've ever witnessed). I'm not exactly sure what happened next, its kind of blurry, but I think I saw a crossbar get hit, an almost own goal, and then like two shots from about 3 feet out get saved off the line. It was pretty amazing.

This was the first professional game I've ever seen, and I hope it won't be my last. It was quite fun.


Jess said...

I figured you'd be there :) I went with the fam, we were sitting up in the 300 level. I was going to call you and see if you were there, but apparently Verizon doesn't like the 300 level of Qwest field. Great game though, that last little rally where Real almost scored a goal three times in about 30 seconds...I think my sister was going to have a heart attack and keel over next to me, she made it though. Oh, and completely unrelated to anything futbol, when do you head back down south?? If you want wings of a spicy variety, let me know!

SA said...

Awesome, man. I watched part of it on TV.