Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back in Cali

After a week or so of sitting around at my parents house and occasionally Boundary Bay (not the actual bay.. you Bellinghammers know what I mean) I left for Cali last Friday. I stopped off in Medford for a night, and Menlo Park CA for a night, before getting here Sunday afternoon.

I was unfortunately greeted with some bad news. My friend, Simon Mary, is in the hospital in intensive care, and the doctors can't figure out whats wrong with him. He has some sort of Toxin in his body and the doctors can't get rid of it and can't find where it is coming from. Please pray for him. Simon is a great guy, who has suffered a lot recently. He is from Nigeria and is a convert from Islam. I hope he'll be back soon.

But then I got some good news. Fourteen New guys are joining my class! that means my class will have 22 guys in it this year. This includes four new students from Uganda. It also includes Chris, a Seattle guy who went to college at Mt. Angel. Its nice to have him here. We also have 12 new Pre Theologians. Overall, its pretty exciting around here right now... but we'll see how it gets when classes start up and stress begins to mount.

Gotta get going, but I'll hopefully add something soon. The internet isn't working on my room and for some reason my login password wouldn't work until right now, which is why I haven't written sooner.


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C S said...

May you have a blessed and fruitful year. It's awesome to hear that there are a good number of new men!