Monday, July 03, 2006

Rude Awakening

Those of you who know Seattle well know that St. James Cathedral, where I'm living this summer, is in a... well... interesting part of town. Its right on the fringe of the gay district, and surrounded by hospitals, including the number one trauma facility in the northwest at harborview.

At about 3 am Monday morning I woke up to some screams. It sounded like a lot of whining, so I wasn't too alarmed, but they kept coming. Then I started hearing some slapping noises and thought maybe I should check it out. I opened up my blinds to my room, on the third floor of the rectory, and could see some movement, but a tree was blocking most of my view.

I walked to the ground level floor and looked across the street and there was a woman, early thirties, dancing up a storm... or was she. She kept pulling her pants up, then pointing at the sky, constantly moving her feet. She had to be on drugs.

I watched her squirm around on the sidewalk for about fifteen minutes, wondering if I should go talk to her, or call 911, or just let her be... she didn't look like she was in too much danger. She was probably just having a bad trip, I kept thinking. Plus, the fuzz patrol the area all the time, and they were bound to see her. Plus, I'm still not too sure if this is a normal occurance around here or not.

It didn't take too long though, the police pulled up and talked to her. They checked her arms for tracks, and then she stormed off up the street. One cop slowly followed her on foot, while the other took the car around the block.

Now its about 3:45 and I can't sleep, but I did have an idea. I need to ride along with the Seattle PD for a night, if they'll let me. It'd be a great way to see the parts of Seattle I haven't been exposed to yet, and it will help me judge what to do in situations like tonight.

For now though, its off to bed again.

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Daniel said...


I've had some similar situations too. I like your approach about riding with the police department through one of the late night/early morning shifts.

I hope your summer is going well. Talk to you soon.