Friday, July 14, 2006


I've been paying pretty close attention to the Mariners this year, although my posts on them wouldn't suggest it. I've said it all along, but we are definately a talented team struggling with inconsistencies. But honestly, the Ms have been fun to watch. We are in last place, but only 3 games out. I hope we'll be able to keep things up for a stretch run.

An article in the Seattle Times got me wondering (again) about what the Ms should do before the trade deadlin: Buy, or Sell.

While there are good arguments out there for the Ms to sell, I'm going to have to go with Buy for this one. Unfortuneately I haven't been keeping up with who's available, but I hope the Ms make a deal (or two) really really soon. Seriously, you don't have an opportunity to be sub 500 and 3 games out very often. The Padres won the NL west last year playing sub 500 ball. My main point: WE COULD STEAL THE DIVISION WITHOUT UNLOADING A TON OF TALENT. Seriously, we don't have to unload the farm system to get someone outstanding, just a pitcher who will be consistent and has a couple more wins than losses.

The article does point out the overwhelmingly quality free-agent class for next year, which includes a lot of players the Ms will probably over pay for, but might also get a decent starting pitcher. But for now, we need to take advantage of our situation and improve as much as we need to to win, which isn't much.

Onto other news in the Wide world of Sports, Grady Sizemore, a Washington Native and a guy I saw play back in High School, was Cleveland's representative for the All-Star Game. It was wild seeing him out there. This is a guy who was dominant in Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Out of the sports, I saw him play basketball the most, but did watch him play against some of my friends for Sehome High, back in 1999-2000. (He went 0 for 6 against SHS).

I never really wrapped up the world cup, but I'm happy it wound up the way it did. A good cup overall. Thats all I got.


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