Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blasphemous Garbage

Now I'm not one to call blasphemy all that often, but I think this one definitely deserves it.

If you went to a college like mine, you may have seen those "Christians" that stand in High Traffic areas and try to engage students in discussion by condemning them all to hell. Well whatever group they're from, they have nothing on these people...Westboro Baptist Church, and their "apostolate" Signs of the times.

Well, they have another website... priestsrapeboys.com.

Here is a snippet:

BTW, does anyone really think that in between the time that the priests diddle the little boys and then feed the idolaters the goofy 'eucharist' wafers, that they even wash their hands? (tmi?) 'Priests rape boys' is indeed an air-tight, three word case against all of the Catholic Church's parishioners, without exception. They are all going to hell!

And check out the video! Its ridiculous. Its amusing how ridiculous it is.

This video was removed from YouTube, due to its nature, but is still on Google Videos. In fact, if you type in "Catholic" to any of these video search engines, you get a lot of people attacking the Church, from a few various viewpoints... This being by far the worst. You get your share of "former priests" who are now out to teach true Christian Doctrine. I'm not saying that's bad... These videos have a right to be there... But where are the Catholic ones at? Why aren't there more Catholic Video Bloggers out there putting stuff on the You Tube and Google Video? I'm looking at you Jimmy Akin!


I got my first Nintendo in 1st grade. It still pretty much ranks as the best present I ever recieved. Check out this YouTube video.
Its awesome.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Its really really really hot in Seattle right now. Not only that, but I'm staying on the top floor of a rectory that does not cool down, and does not have AC. Just typing is making me sweat.

Vito's, a nightclub at the end of the block by the Cathedral, again is my main source of entertainment on saturday nights. There are cop cars all over the place right now, and every saturday night since I've been here.

I heard the noise start at about 2am, when the bars get out, and looked outside. There was a woman peeing on the rectory lawn. I gave her her needed privacy and threw on some clothes to go see what the commotion was. There were about 11 cop cars on the street. I saw a few cops get out with their tazers ready.

A couple people saw a girl beating on some guy, then the guy retaliated and hit her in the head. Then the police tazed him, cuffed him, and the paramedics came. I never saw the guy get arrested, but I can't see how he wouldn't have been.

Rumor is Vito's will be out of business as soon as tomorrow. It will of course be good to have less violence in the area, but I admit I have found guilty pleasure in watching the drama unfold every saturday night.

In more positive news, I got to go to two weddings today. One was a very traditional Catholic wedding, at the Beautiful St. Mary's Church in Anacortes WA. Unfortunately, they're so traditional that internet doesn't exist yet in there eyes, and so they don't have a web page. As I get links to pictures, I'll post some so you can see. It was a great wedding.

The other wedding was not Catholic, and lasted around 10 minutes. But there was dancing. If this priesthood thing doesn't work out, I think I'll have a nice career in Party Starting. I cut rugs. That means I got some sweet moves. That means, I'm a good dancer.

So why don't we pray for all married couples this week. May their love be a sign of Christ's love for His Church.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


There has been a lot of discussion lately on the Catholic Blogosphere about Stephen Colbert's faith. Amy Welborn has a good set of links right here.

There is one that she missed though. A few months ago, The Colbert Report featured Peggy Noonan, a Catholic writer, to talk about her book on the life of John Paul II. At the end of the clip, Colbert said that his son is named John Paul. I'm not sure if he's telling the truth or not though, since this Wikipedia article doesn't mention him. (It does however mention he is the youngest of 11 children).

Here is a clip of the Noonan interview...well half of it anyway...and recorded by someone pointing a video camera at the TV... so its poor quality.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Please Pray...

...for peace. Especially in the Middle East. Things are honestly a little scary. Thomas, (A.K.A) the American Papist, has a great overview of the situation. Give it a read, here.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now, and will be forever, amen.

Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

Friday, July 14, 2006


I've been paying pretty close attention to the Mariners this year, although my posts on them wouldn't suggest it. I've said it all along, but we are definately a talented team struggling with inconsistencies. But honestly, the Ms have been fun to watch. We are in last place, but only 3 games out. I hope we'll be able to keep things up for a stretch run.

An article in the Seattle Times got me wondering (again) about what the Ms should do before the trade deadlin: Buy, or Sell.

While there are good arguments out there for the Ms to sell, I'm going to have to go with Buy for this one. Unfortuneately I haven't been keeping up with who's available, but I hope the Ms make a deal (or two) really really soon. Seriously, you don't have an opportunity to be sub 500 and 3 games out very often. The Padres won the NL west last year playing sub 500 ball. My main point: WE COULD STEAL THE DIVISION WITHOUT UNLOADING A TON OF TALENT. Seriously, we don't have to unload the farm system to get someone outstanding, just a pitcher who will be consistent and has a couple more wins than losses.

The article does point out the overwhelmingly quality free-agent class for next year, which includes a lot of players the Ms will probably over pay for, but might also get a decent starting pitcher. But for now, we need to take advantage of our situation and improve as much as we need to to win, which isn't much.

Onto other news in the Wide world of Sports, Grady Sizemore, a Washington Native and a guy I saw play back in High School, was Cleveland's representative for the All-Star Game. It was wild seeing him out there. This is a guy who was dominant in Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Out of the sports, I saw him play basketball the most, but did watch him play against some of my friends for Sehome High, back in 1999-2000. (He went 0 for 6 against SHS).

I never really wrapped up the world cup, but I'm happy it wound up the way it did. A good cup overall. Thats all I got.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Infant Baptisms, and an Old Woman

I had the interesting experience of attending the class that parents take who will have their infants baptised in the coming months. Overall, it was an interesting experience talking with the parents about why they wanted their kids baptised. Most of them, that I talked to had the same story. They were "forced" into Catholicism, and then left the Church. It was interesting though, that their kids brought them back into the Church. They also had an interest in practicing the faith more and passing it on to their children. No wonder God likes to give people babies!

After the class I walked out of the hall and near the Cathedral. There was a tiny old woman sitting on the steps looking like she wanted to get into the Cathedral. I greeted her and she looked at me, and kept looking at me, until I went into the Recory. I got up to the third floor and poked my head out, and she was (eerily) still looking at me.

Since she was up in years, I got a little worried. I went back down and asked her what she was up to. "Do you have a key?" she asked. I explained to her that the Cathedral was closed, and would be open again in the morning. "Fathers late for Mass." She said. She didn't realize Mass was almost 12 hours away.

I went and found the security guard that patrols the grounds. He talked to her for a while, but couldn't convince her that it was dark outside, and that Mass wasn't until morning. Luckily, we found out that she lives next door to the Cathedral in some senior housing the Archdiocese owns.

All in all, it has been an interesting night reflecting on two ends of Life's spectrums.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Robots in Disguise

Did I spell disguise right?

I went to see Pirates 2 today at the movie theater. It was excellent. I recomend you all see it. But even if it sucked, I would have told you all to see it anyway, because of this:

Alright, so if it sucked, you could just watch the trailer here and not worry about paying. Seriously you guys. This is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. The theater started applauding. I hope they keep that sound from the cartoon when they transform. You remember.

Anyways, check out the video, and check out Pirates. It was seriously good. It leaves you hangin at the end though. And I would recomend watching the first one again, so you know who is who.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Rude Awakening

Those of you who know Seattle well know that St. James Cathedral, where I'm living this summer, is in a... well... interesting part of town. Its right on the fringe of the gay district, and surrounded by hospitals, including the number one trauma facility in the northwest at harborview.

At about 3 am Monday morning I woke up to some screams. It sounded like a lot of whining, so I wasn't too alarmed, but they kept coming. Then I started hearing some slapping noises and thought maybe I should check it out. I opened up my blinds to my room, on the third floor of the rectory, and could see some movement, but a tree was blocking most of my view.

I walked to the ground level floor and looked across the street and there was a woman, early thirties, dancing up a storm... or was she. She kept pulling her pants up, then pointing at the sky, constantly moving her feet. She had to be on drugs.

I watched her squirm around on the sidewalk for about fifteen minutes, wondering if I should go talk to her, or call 911, or just let her be... she didn't look like she was in too much danger. She was probably just having a bad trip, I kept thinking. Plus, the fuzz patrol the area all the time, and they were bound to see her. Plus, I'm still not too sure if this is a normal occurance around here or not.

It didn't take too long though, the police pulled up and talked to her. They checked her arms for tracks, and then she stormed off up the street. One cop slowly followed her on foot, while the other took the car around the block.

Now its about 3:45 and I can't sleep, but I did have an idea. I need to ride along with the Seattle PD for a night, if they'll let me. It'd be a great way to see the parts of Seattle I haven't been exposed to yet, and it will help me judge what to do in situations like tonight.

For now though, its off to bed again.