Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tommy Z

Yes, I am aware of the recent statements by the church strongly questioning the morality of boxing and likening the sport to Roman Gladiator entertainment.

But if you are a Notre Dame Football fan, you've got to see this.

Notre Dame Safety Tom Zbikowski, known in the ring as Tommy Z, is a professional boxer. This is a video of his first professional fight, although he has a lot of amateur experience. The video is 17 minutes long, and is complete with pre-fight analysis, and post-fight interviews. That should provide a hint or two about how long the fight lasted, and I wouldn't be posting this if Tommy lost.

Oh, and yes, that was an Ohio State Jersey that his opponent was wearing prior to the fight.

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pyrosapien2819 said...

nice fight!

and Notre Dame is ranked #2 in some preseason polls behind Ohio State.