Friday, June 30, 2006

Solid Day in Seattle

Fridays are slow around the Cathedral. Since a lot of staff members, including the rector, were gone for the day, I decided to grab a book and head down to Pike Place market for a while.

I sat at that little park near the market and read the Ratzinger Report and listened to some frog voiced guy sing Led Zeppelin songs to try and earn some cash.

I walked over to the original Starbucks and there was a band playing outside called the Tallboys. They were freakin awesome. Check out their website. An old Seattle legend was jamming with them as well. The Spoonman. Remember? The guy from that Soundgarden Song! That was actually the first time I've seen the guy, and he is really amazing. It as fun seeing such high quality music being played for free. (I did buy a cd though)

Anyways, I got mass this evening, and then I'm off to the Mariner game. Hopefully the boys can keep up their good play. I've said it all along, but these guys have talent, and are a lot of fun to watch.

I'll make a post sometime this week about my responsibilities at the Cathedral.

Take care.


Jess said...

Why I love Seattle! Great picture :)

Travis said...

I was at St. James the last couple of Fridays for Taize (sp?) prayer. I used to disregard it as a hippy ecumenical spiritual exercise, but it was awesome the last few times I attended. (Veni Sancte Spiritus!) I loved it, am loving it, and look forward to Friday evenings now. Latin chant is great. Wasn't "spoonman" about heroin? Thanks for the reminder. oh, and O.A.R. rocked the Moore!

Val said...

That does sound like a solid day. Time to start checkin' out how Seattle compares to Vancouver. Happy Canada Day!

Seminarian said...


You might hate me for saying this, but I was at Taize and actually saw you there...I had to leave before I could say hello though.

Seattle is rad, no doubt about it.