Monday, June 05, 2006

The Host: Germany

Are you ready, Germany?
Germany is just having one of those years, as far as things I like are concerned. First, one of their own becomes the successor of St. Peter, then they get to host the Cup. I'll be honest, I'm a little jealous. And a little stupid for not going to the thing myself.

On the pitch, though, (pitch means field, for you who don't know) things have been difficult for Deutschland. Their Coach, Juergen Klinsmann, has taken a lot of heat from the German tabloids because of his dedication to the team. They don't like, most of all, the fact that he lives in Los Angeles.

But the team's play has not been as good as most feel it should be. Four years ago they made it to the final, where they lost to Brazil. Things should be looking up, but the truth is, without an automatic bid, they might not even have qualified for this thing. People in Germany are nervous that they will get embarressed in their own tournament.

I do think, that Germany will move on though, and once they build momentum, you never know what can happen. Playing host can be a huge boost once the thing actually starts. Remember what happened to France in 98, and for that matter, the US in '94.

What else has happened in Germany recently? Oh yeah...
I bet this guy is stoked on the cup. I imagine he'll be chilling at Castel Gandolfo cheering for Germany with a Augustiner or something. I mean, what else is he going to do, write an encyclical or something? Ok, fine, maybe he'll do that too.

There was also that event they hosted last summer called "World Youth Day." Anyone heard of it? Anyone else kicking themselves for not going? Yeah? Well I'm TOd I didn't go. Just look at all these people:
By all accounts, the election of B16 and World Youth Day have been a huge success for a renewal of Faith in Germany. Here is an article explaining a bit about that.

On a sad note, though, thre is a problem looming that people aren't talking about. An article from a weekly journal called, "Women's Issues From a Feminine Perspective," did a recent piece on the "Mega Brothels" that will be serving the needs of the World Cup tourism. Prostitution is alredy a huge industry in Germany, and women are being brought in from surrounding countries to "work."

Activists are warning that the situation during the World Cup is ripe for disastrous human-rights abuses. Young women will arrive in Germanythinking that they will be waitresses and dancers; instead, they will lkely find themselves without documentation and at the mercy of inernational networks
associated with organized crime.

Pray for an end to this type of abuse, and the exploitation of women throughout the world.

Will the mega brothels tarnish the Cup? Will the renewal of faith continue to spread? We'll see. But for the moment, it appears as though its a darn good time to be German.

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Jess said...

Yeah, you see that tiny little red speck in th WYD pic, oh yeah that's me. Just kidding, seriously though, nice to have at least one other person in this country who actually cares about the World Cup.

I'll take your word on the teams from Germany and Holland, haven't researched them, only team I know more about is Mexico. I'm going to enjoy the game with Iran Sunday. Oh, and US and Italy in the same group? Eeeh, I don't know a whole lot about Ghana or Czech Republic but I have a feeling US is going to have to put on a good show.

Good seeing you up in the Ham, even though you still should have come to Hippos. See you Sat at Ordination!