Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Downshot, an Upshot, and Another Downshot

Downshot #1:
The US lost to Ghana and are out of the World Cup. It was a tough game, and that penalty kick shouln't have been called. It was sad seeing Reyna have to leave the game, since he's done a lot for US soccer. Thats probably the last time we will see Brian McBride on the national team, as well. Bruce Arena's reign as coach is probably over. All and all, it couldn't have gone much worse, and its good that Clint Dempsey saved us a bit of embarrasment, and actually scored a goal.

It seems as though people actually do care about soccer in this country. I know so many people who were actually excited about this game, and planned on watching it, much more so than past Cups. We also seem to have a desire to get better, which is much better than the apathy most people displayed in years past. All in all, while this cup was a step backward, it has shown itself as proof of many steps forward.

Downshot #2:
Oh, what could have been. Donovan would have gotten a European deal. MLS would have had some credibility. Our players would have been recognized on a world class stage. Now, its all back to the drawing board, as the team rebuilds.

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Amelia said...

Bryan-I can't believe I missed seeing you before I left! AH! However, see you at Carrie and Tom's wedding?! :)