Friday, June 30, 2006

Solid Day in Seattle

Fridays are slow around the Cathedral. Since a lot of staff members, including the rector, were gone for the day, I decided to grab a book and head down to Pike Place market for a while.

I sat at that little park near the market and read the Ratzinger Report and listened to some frog voiced guy sing Led Zeppelin songs to try and earn some cash.

I walked over to the original Starbucks and there was a band playing outside called the Tallboys. They were freakin awesome. Check out their website. An old Seattle legend was jamming with them as well. The Spoonman. Remember? The guy from that Soundgarden Song! That was actually the first time I've seen the guy, and he is really amazing. It as fun seeing such high quality music being played for free. (I did buy a cd though)

Anyways, I got mass this evening, and then I'm off to the Mariner game. Hopefully the boys can keep up their good play. I've said it all along, but these guys have talent, and are a lot of fun to watch.

I'll make a post sometime this week about my responsibilities at the Cathedral.

Take care.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Attention Vocation Directors...

And anyone else interested in promoting vocations.

Sunday evening through Wednesday afternoon I was at a discernment retreat called Quo Vadis Days. Check out the web page here. Quo Vadis began in the year 2000 by some priests from the Archdiocese of Portland, but I'm pretty sure the bulk of it was began by Fr. John Cihak. It came to Seattle through Fr. Derek Lappe, the pastor of this nice little parish.

The retreat went very well. There were about 75 high school and college students there. They prayed the liturgy of the hours in common, morning and evening, had Mass every morning, had a holy hour ever evening and prayed the rosary every night before bed. They spent part of the days in silence, and also heard talks from priests serving the archdiocese. Some of the guy's pastors even made the trip out.

About eight of our diocese' seminarians were also out there to hang with the guys. Overall, it was a great retreat, and the guys had a great time and opened themselves up more to the idea of being a priest. There will definately be some vocations in our archdiocese as a result of this.

If you're interested in starting one up in your diocese, please visit the web site.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Downshot, an Upshot, and Another Downshot

Downshot #1:
The US lost to Ghana and are out of the World Cup. It was a tough game, and that penalty kick shouln't have been called. It was sad seeing Reyna have to leave the game, since he's done a lot for US soccer. Thats probably the last time we will see Brian McBride on the national team, as well. Bruce Arena's reign as coach is probably over. All and all, it couldn't have gone much worse, and its good that Clint Dempsey saved us a bit of embarrasment, and actually scored a goal.

It seems as though people actually do care about soccer in this country. I know so many people who were actually excited about this game, and planned on watching it, much more so than past Cups. We also seem to have a desire to get better, which is much better than the apathy most people displayed in years past. All in all, while this cup was a step backward, it has shown itself as proof of many steps forward.

Downshot #2:
Oh, what could have been. Donovan would have gotten a European deal. MLS would have had some credibility. Our players would have been recognized on a world class stage. Now, its all back to the drawing board, as the team rebuilds.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tommy Z

Yes, I am aware of the recent statements by the church strongly questioning the morality of boxing and likening the sport to Roman Gladiator entertainment.

But if you are a Notre Dame Football fan, you've got to see this.

Notre Dame Safety Tom Zbikowski, known in the ring as Tommy Z, is a professional boxer. This is a video of his first professional fight, although he has a lot of amateur experience. The video is 17 minutes long, and is complete with pre-fight analysis, and post-fight interviews. That should provide a hint or two about how long the fight lasted, and I wouldn't be posting this if Tommy lost.

Oh, and yes, that was an Ohio State Jersey that his opponent was wearing prior to the fight.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Clint Dempsey Raps

Yep. US soccer player Clint Dempsey raps.

Here is the proof (thanks Gonzaga Basketball Blogger Scott at La Revolucion).

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

Originally uploaded by AmericanPapist.
To my Holy Father, and my real Father!

Saturday, June 17, 2006


What a game!

Not the prettiest game, but a great game!

I have been critical of the US national team in the past, but watching them hustle for the hole 90 was inspiring.

But I've got a question for Mr. Arena. Why wouldnt you use your last sub? Were you too into the game that you didn't realize you had one more? I can't figure it out. Now we have 9 dead players for our next match, and 2 more suspended.

Should be a tough one.

Down, but not out!


Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Mass Translation!

At least according to this article.

For those of you who don't know, the new translation will conform more closely to the Latin.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Great Games

Wednesday was totally the best day of the World Cup so far. That Germany game was insane, and so was the Saudi Arabia game. After the first round of the first round, it looks like the contenders are Germany, England, Ecuador, Mexico, Czech republic, Italy, Brazil, Croatia, and Spain. (I was very impressed with Spain, by the way.)

Can't wait for more games. I need to start getting some sleep though.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Czech Mate

Just not the day for the US.Rosicky was insane. Beautiful stuff from the Czech Republic. But I gotta hand it to Pavel Nedved for being the playmaker for this team. He shredded the US defense.

CR was ranked number 2 by FIFA heading into the cup, and, to be honest, I picked them to win this game, and group E. They attack really well, and defend well too, although I think the US made their defense look better than they actually were. There were not challenged enough, at all.

I expect them to go deep into the tournament... It would be a shame not to see them play more.

I don't really know much about the Church in the CR, but I know that it is culturally Catholic. A girl I met at an RCIA meeting last year who was Czech told me that pepole don't really practice, and that she had reservations about joining the church because she didn't want her Czech friends to think she was stupid. She didn't end up coming into the Church.

An article from the London Tablet explains a bit of the same. The Church in the CR seems to be "divided" like the Church in the US. The same problems people have with the Church here, are being had here.

Still, CR has some beautiful churches.

Prague, you're now on my list of places to visit.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Sorry, no pictures. It was a good liturgy though, with a few microphone problems.

Here is an article about the guys.

Not much else going on here. World Cup at 6am. US plays at 9. Then Seminarian banquet at 4.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Its on....

Woo hoo!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The favorite: Brazil

Not gonna put much effort into this one (but I'll let you in on a secret. I never really put much effort into these things).

First the Soccer.
This is the best oddest looking player in the world. His name is Ronaldinho, and he is good at soccer. Do yourself a favor and watch him play.

Other than that, there are only really two things you need to know about Brazil: 1)They will win it all. 2)They will look good doing it.

Now on to the faith...
Rio De Janeiro is probably one of the nicest looking cities in the world. I've always loved this statue of Christ on the hill, even before I was really practicing the faith.

Brazil has the most Catholics of any country, at 134,818,000, 86.5% of its population. Recently, however, evangelicals have begun to set up shop in Brazil, and have had quite a bit of success. Here is an article about it. And here is another one. (please note, I haven't read these articles, and they seem to be from an evangelical perspective)

A few years ago, a protestant pastor down in Brazil angered Catholics because he kicked (an broke) a statue of Our Lady. Here is an article about that whole deal. I always wonder why evangelicals of this mindset (not all evangelicals, by any means) have to evangelize by going into Catholic Countries and knocking down what has been built by other christians. You don't hear of evangelical success in places where people don't know Christ already. The Catholic evangelists to the new world had success, but many of them died (were martyred) in the process of bringing Christ to these areas. And how do the evangelicals repay us for laying the foundation for their converts? They Kick an image of our model disciple and call us liars. Rad.

Anyways, it seems like the Church in Brazil, although its much bigger than the church in the US, has a lot of the same issues as the church in the US. Check outthis letter from JPII to the Brazilian Bishops on their ad limina visit and you'll see what I mean.

Until next time, feast your eyes on this Ronaldinho commercial:

More WC videos

Here is that great commercial of the US team:

Here is my favorite WC commercial of all time:

And an updated commercial of Brazil:


A quick announcement...

Attention: Everyone who wants to go to ordination on Saturday.

You probably won't get in. Its going to be packed with family members and friends of our ordinands. There might be an overflow crowd, but it WILL be too full to get everyone in the Cathedral. Each guy got about 75 tickets to give out, and after that I'm not sure how it will work. If you want to try to beat the system and get in anyways, I would recomend getting there really really early.

Let me know if you need any more info.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Host: Germany

Are you ready, Germany?
Germany is just having one of those years, as far as things I like are concerned. First, one of their own becomes the successor of St. Peter, then they get to host the Cup. I'll be honest, I'm a little jealous. And a little stupid for not going to the thing myself.

On the pitch, though, (pitch means field, for you who don't know) things have been difficult for Deutschland. Their Coach, Juergen Klinsmann, has taken a lot of heat from the German tabloids because of his dedication to the team. They don't like, most of all, the fact that he lives in Los Angeles.

But the team's play has not been as good as most feel it should be. Four years ago they made it to the final, where they lost to Brazil. Things should be looking up, but the truth is, without an automatic bid, they might not even have qualified for this thing. People in Germany are nervous that they will get embarressed in their own tournament.

I do think, that Germany will move on though, and once they build momentum, you never know what can happen. Playing host can be a huge boost once the thing actually starts. Remember what happened to France in 98, and for that matter, the US in '94.

What else has happened in Germany recently? Oh yeah...
I bet this guy is stoked on the cup. I imagine he'll be chilling at Castel Gandolfo cheering for Germany with a Augustiner or something. I mean, what else is he going to do, write an encyclical or something? Ok, fine, maybe he'll do that too.

There was also that event they hosted last summer called "World Youth Day." Anyone heard of it? Anyone else kicking themselves for not going? Yeah? Well I'm TOd I didn't go. Just look at all these people:
By all accounts, the election of B16 and World Youth Day have been a huge success for a renewal of Faith in Germany. Here is an article explaining a bit about that.

On a sad note, though, thre is a problem looming that people aren't talking about. An article from a weekly journal called, "Women's Issues From a Feminine Perspective," did a recent piece on the "Mega Brothels" that will be serving the needs of the World Cup tourism. Prostitution is alredy a huge industry in Germany, and women are being brought in from surrounding countries to "work."

Activists are warning that the situation during the World Cup is ripe for disastrous human-rights abuses. Young women will arrive in Germanythinking that they will be waitresses and dancers; instead, they will lkely find themselves without documentation and at the mercy of inernational networks
associated with organized crime.

Pray for an end to this type of abuse, and the exploitation of women throughout the world.

Will the mega brothels tarnish the Cup? Will the renewal of faith continue to spread? We'll see. But for the moment, it appears as though its a darn good time to be German.

Bono WC Commercials

I'm sure you've seen these commercials already, featuring Bono and some U2 tunes. If you haven't, check them out. And if you have, check them out again. Its worth it.

I cant believe its almost here!!!!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Couple of Quick Movie Reviews

Been watching movies, so here are a couple quick (very quick) reviews.

X Men III:

Well, it wasn't bad, but I was expecting better. The worst thing about the movie, I thought, was the lack of X Men actually in it. What happened to Night Crawler? He was in number II. Why not III? Also, why couldn't Gambit have just been in it? The dude changes Potential energy into Kenetic energy for gosh sakes! The movie definately missed out since he wasn't in it. Colossus was pretty cool, but Kitty Pryde definately wasn't that important. Archangel's part wasn't very good either. Overall I give it a 6 out of 10.

Lords of Dogtown:

Great flick! I loved it. Its about three guys that revolutionized the sport of skateboarding, and it was done really well. Heath Ledger was great in it. I don't really know why I liked it, I just did.

Thats all I got.