Monday, May 15, 2006

This Music Cool is Good

That title is a huge inside joke. Sorry you didn't get it.

But there is some very cool good music coming to town soon. First off, we have one of my favorite localish bands, Late Tuesday, who will be releasing their new CD at a concert on WWU's campus next week. I will definately go, and if you're in the Bellingham area, you should go too. Their myspace link is right here. Their official website is right here. I have only listened to the 3 new songs on their Myspace page, but I'm disapointed that 2 of the 3 songs have that fake keyboard sounding deal going on that was so prevalent on their last album. But I really like 2 of the songs on there so far.

Another band coming near Bellingham is OAR (Of a Revolution...). Their official site is pretty good, but it used to be better, when you could listen to anything they've ever made for free. Now you can only hear clips, but they have a few tunes on their Myspace page. They will be playing in Seattle and Vancouver. I really want to go to their Vancouver date because the venue they'll be playing, the Commodore Ballroom is hands down one of the best places to see a show.

If anyone wants to go to any of these let me know.

Oh, and check out my former JV soccer coach and teacher Mark Wright! I'm sure this guy will be doing something around the Ham this summer as well. Here he is now:

And while I'm at it, here is my friend Kris Orlowski. I just listened to "The Bay" for the first time, and I must say its pretty good! Keep it up Kris.


anonymous jones said...

Hi! Do you like Stavesacre? Their latest CD is pretty good.

Seminarian said...

A buddy of mine was into Stavesacre like 6 years ago, and I haven't heard them since. I remember liking them though. I'll check them out.

Amelia said...

hey I want to go to Late Tuesday! Are you back in Bham for the summer? Give me a call!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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