Monday, May 29, 2006

Good Times...

Good times were had this weekend. Tomfoolery was definately on the upswing. In fact, memorial day weekend is always one of the best weekends in Bellingham, because it is our Ski to Sea weekend.

The Ski to Sea Race is a team relay race from the top of mount baker to Bellingham Bay. Here's a good picture of both of them (isn't my home town beautiful!):
Anyways, the race includes a cross country ski, a downhill ski, a run, a canoe, a roadbike, a mountain bike, and a kayak and spans over 100 miles. It ends in Olde Towne Fairhaven, where there is a ton of stuff to do. You can always plan on running into people you know. This is good, but it leads to a lot of awkwardness, and lameness, in that I have to explain to people I haven't seen in a long time why I'm going to be a priest. Some people are supportive, but some just can't figure out that a life of service and sacrifice can be completely rewarding.

Back to the Tomfoolery... Well, I guess thats really it. Nothing too specific, just a lot of fun.

On another note, I finally got my Google Analytics program, so I can see who's reading this thing. Its quite interesting. I actually have some loyal readers from England! And I have hits from Spain and Germany as well, and a whole lot from the East Coast. Its pretty rad. But it leads me to a question:

Why aren't more of you leaving comments?

I'm out.

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