Saturday, May 27, 2006

fala-me de amor

por favor vejam a novela dei-te quase tudo e um exito


Seminarian said...

Who wrote this? What does it mean? I'm seriously curious.

pyrosapien2819 said...

Here is what I put together from digging through google.

Fala-ma de amor (It speaks to me of love) it is the title to a song and also the title of a porteguese soap opera. It is probably an idiom in Portugal, meaning that some activity that you witness reminds you of or makes you think of love.

Por favor vejam a novela (please see the novel/book) (perhaps an encouragement to read the Bible?)

dei-te quase tudo e um exito (I gave almost everything to you is a success)

That is my poor literal translation of all the words. the last line probably actually says "I wish/hope for you that everything will be a success"

That's the best I could do. Hope it helps. As for how they were able to post on your blog, God works in mysterious ways. But, so do hackers, change your passwords.


Brain said...

I am more of a German guy myself, but here is what I got from Babelfish, doesn't make much sense to me:

Please they see the novel I gave to you to almost everything and a success