Saturday, May 13, 2006

Es ist Fertig...

My first year of seminary anyways. I still have a short little paper on the philosophy of Gabriel Marcel, and then a little project on Deus Caritas Est (God is Love, the first encyclical by Benedict 16). Then its just packing up and loading up the Civic and driving home back to Seattle. Its about 1200 miles, if I remember correctly.

Overall it was a good year. Next year will be different though. There will be a lot more work, and the people will be different. The 4th years will be gone, and the 2nd years will all be on internship. Coming in will be the New Men and the interns returning for Theology 3. It will be an adjustment.

I'm completely stoked on ordination. I will let you know how it was, with pictures and everything else here. While I'm at it, check this out. Its current deacon and future Seattle priest Bryan Dolejsi! One cool thing of note is that he is a national champion basketball player... In Kenya. (its a good article, but there is a typo. Paul Kaech's bio is inserted right in the middle. When you get there just skip like three paragraphs to finish Bryan's).

I think I mentioned somewhere on here that I will be placed in a parish this summer, or at least from the end of June through early August. It is in Burien, and its named after Francis of Asissi. I'll have a variety of tasks, and I will actually be closer to a lot of my buddies, which will be fun. I plan to watch World Cup matches until either it ends or I become sick of it. I'm sure the former option is more likely. I'll also hopefully take in a couple of M's games.

Anyways, I gotta get that paper finished. I'll probably have a couple more entries, but finishing up these classes is definately my priority.

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