Thursday, May 18, 2006

Days of Lameness

That pretty much sums up the last few days.

First off, Goodbyes are stupid. Especially when they are probably forever, like in the case of the Ugandan seminarians who will be getting ordained this summer. I would love to go visit them one day, but you never know (the genocide going on in Uganda is even worse, some say, then the one in Darfur).

Also the Colombians will be leaving. Which is too bad because these are some really cool guys. I'll miss balling it up with them. I also just found out that the Colombian province of vincentians will no longer be sending guys here anymore, which means I can't count on a new crop of Colombians next year at all.

Another point aggravating me is that I have to pack up, and I accumulated a lot of (insert favorite synonym for poop here) in the last 8 months. Hopefully I can get out of here on time. This reminds me of Freshmen year at Nash hall when my roomate took off back to Boston and I had to clean our whole room alone. Only now I can't blame my roomate, since I didn't have one.

So Tomfoolery is definately down lately. But it should pick up. I plan to stop in San Francisco (to visit Marie and her fiance) and then in Portland (to visit Jinnell). Should be good. THen of course a bunch of time to hang in Bellingham and go visit friends and go to concerts and stuff. Speaking of...Has anyone out there heard of The Scene Aesthetic? They seem pretty rad, and they're from Sea-town.

So that it. I'd like to take a moment though to congratulate my good buddy and former fellow WWU Peer Minister Zach Mallahan and his lovely wife Cheri on the birth of their new baby, Isaac James Mallahan. Fr. Isaac sounds pretty good, huh Zach?

Please pray for me that I arrive home safely.

God Bless you all, and I'll see you back in Warshington.


Amelia said...

Bryan! When are you gonna come visit...or be back??

Seminarian said...

I'm back now. I'll visit you soon....I promise.