Monday, May 22, 2006

Back in the Ham

After a couple days of nothing but driving I'm back home, safe and sound. The trip was alright. I got stuck in traffic after being on the road about two minutes, whichis never fun. But I made it to my friend Marie's place at about 11:30, and we got to catch up on everything thats been going. She's getting married in about three weeks to a great guy.

Saturday was the longest and worse day of driving. I was on the road about ten hours total. But I made it to Portland and got to hang out with my friends Cory and Jinnell. We went to a place called McFadden's, which is supposed to be an Irish Pub. I don't count it as one though. They need to do better than having an Irish flag chilling in the corner if thats what they want to be. The best part of an Irish pub experience is the Irish music you get to listen to. So having Fitty Cent and Kanye West blaring means it doesn't count in my book. But it was fun anyways.

Now I'm back, caught up on sleep, caught up on ALIAS and ready for the series finale tonight. Yeah the show went downhill a while ago, but I want to see how it ends.

Hope to see everyone around here soon.


Jess said...

Hopefully the ending will be good...the show has improved about a million times over since they brought back evil-Sloane, evil or maybe not Irina, Sark and of course know, all the stuff that made the show good in the first place! I'm excited for the ending, glad they're bringing it back full circle. Glad you made it back to B'ham safe and sound!

~Jess :)

A Girl From Texas said...

Argh! I can't believe I had to say good bye to Alias tonight. I loved everyone in it.

No, don't go. Come back!

Amelia said...

Bryan-Come visit soon...I have great news!