Monday, May 01, 2006

Back in Cali...

...and recovering from my weekend back in Seattle. My talks went pretty well, but I had to make some adjustments after the first one.

Also got to spend time with my best friend and his new wife, which was great. We went over to Alki beach, a place I never really checked out, but will definately visit again.

After my third and final talk, the Pastor of Sacred Heart took me and my family out to lunch at a place called P.F Changs. The waiter brought out our drinks, and spilled a glass of Red Wine all over me. I didn't freak out or anything, I mean, its just a shirt right? It was actually kind of cool. The manager took me next door to Macy's and bought me new clothes and everything!

I got to watch the M's. I'll say it again, but this team has talent. I could see them throwing together a run like Cleveland did last year.

Anyways, I still have that theology paper to do. Its due tomorrow, so I'd better get busy. It's hard to believe at one point I was actually ahead of schedule on this thing.

St. Joseph the Worker,
pray for us.


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