Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sacred Heart - Bellevue

Tomorrow I will fly home, again, to give a talk at Sacred Heart in Bellevue, Washington. The archdiocese is beginning the "Annual Catholic Appeal," which funds the various programs throughout the Church in Western Washington. Since seminarian education is one area the appeal serves, some parishes that can afford it like to fly seminarians back to speak.

I spoke at this parish last year and was very well recieved by the parishoners. It is located in one of the wealthiest areas in Western Washington, and in fact, Bill Gates' wife is a registered parishoner there (although I'm not sure if she will be there or not).

I'm just going to tell them about how the year has gone. I'll tell them a couple of stories and then mention that we have our largest ordination class in about 30 years (Seven men will be ordained). It should go well.

So if any of you will be in the area, stop by!

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Val said...

Sorry you couldn't come out today. We just had the Sacred Heart kids out at Camp this week. Hope things go well tomorrow :)