Friday, April 14, 2006

Please Watch This...

The Catholic blogs have been reporting on this for a week or so now. Its a reality show about guys thinking of signing up for the priesthood. American Papist has the goods here. The show, called God or the Girl will be shown on A&E on Easter. The official website here.

I heard its supposed to be really good. The reviews by Catholics has been very very positive. I'm not sure what more secular audiences think of it. The guys they picked seem pretty cool though.

Things are going well back home. I got to serve at Holy Thursday Mass yesterday, and look forward to the rest of the Triduum.

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Val said...

Can't wait. Sounds like it's going to be awesome. Maybe you can write them and be on season 2 :) ha ha!...Oh but wait, you might need to have the "girl" part, nevermind. Ha ha! j/k