Monday, April 24, 2006

God or the Girl Finale

God or the Girl ended last night. I watched it at 11 along with a couple guys from my dorm who were still up. Again, overall I was impressed with the show and thought A&E did a great job with it, despite some minor things I've posted about. Some thoughts on each of the guys.

Joe - Joe decided not to become a priest. I thought it was a good choice. He seemed to have a very legalistic view of celibacy and human sexuality which I think may have led to a lot of his confusion. Still, he landed in a job that I would want if I wasn't still in seminary...Lay minister of a college campus. Joe mentioned that he was involved in some spiritual directing with some of his students, which I was a little weary of, since he was so indecisive in the show. I think Joe is in a good place and wish him the best.

Dan - The guy I thought was a sure thing didn't work out either. But I think it was a good decision. I wouldn't have wanted to leave college early for anything. He's doing good work for God and lives in a pretty cool place. If one or two of his roomates don't enter though, I'd be surprised. To bad I'll never find out if that happened or not. His girlfriend is awesome...was that Steubenville's campus in the background of her spots? Anyway, the guy is still The Man in my book.

Steven Horvath - At least one of the guys signed up. Oh, how I remember what it was like to be a brand new seminarian. It just seemed so easy back then. Like the tough part of the discernment is over and now you just cruise to ordination. Listen up Steve...You've got a battle in front of you. You WILL get frustrated. There WILL be days when you will want to leave. It WILL be a tough adjustment. But it looks like you've got a good head on your shoulders, and a good prayer life. Stick close to our Lady and our Lord, and you WILL become a priest.

I wonder if they'll do another season. If any of you are wondering, No, I would not want to have a reality show about me while I'm at seminary. That would be way way way too much to handle. But, I will watch the show again if they ever did it.


Heather Kirkwood said...

I came across your blog while hitting the "next blog" button. I very much enjoyed your commentary on the A&E show. I unintentionally got sucked into that show, and had actually thought that I'd love to hear how some seminarians felt about it. (Especially given the way the title framed the whole thing - which bugged me.) Thanks for the commentary, and best wishes.

Seminarian said...

Welcome heather!

I always wondered what someone who hit the "next blog" button would think of this thing. Way to comment on a random blog to...Thats something I enjoy doing, but many people are afraid to do. Thanks for the kind words.


Val said...

Hey I watched the last 4 episodes yesterday. My sister taped it for me. Yeah I thought Dan was a sure thing too. I can't believe he actually carried that cross for 22 miles. That's just 5 miles short of Bellingham to where I live. Crazy. It was nice to see Stephen's trip to Guatemala and his quote "If I am fortunate, God will make me a priest." That was cool.

Callie said...

What happened to Michael?