Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Another Sports Article.

I know...I know... Another thing I'm posting about that the usual person who would read a religiously affiliated blog isn't interested in...But this is kind of interesting.

It is interesting to me because the man mentioned in the article, Grady Sizemore, went to Cascade High School in Everett Washington. This school was one of my high school's biggest rivals (I went to Sehome in Bellingham). Grady was their star in just about everything...Tailback for Football...Shooting guard for Basketball...and the guy that did everything for baseball. Now he's making millions, while my buddies that played against him are talking about how they used to play against him. I will note that we beat his school most of the time while I was there.

Way to make the WESCO league proud Grady. I'll be cheering for you (yeah right, like you're going to read this).

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