Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Let the Madness Begin

But before that, I'll give a quick scholastic update. Greek is hard, but pretty fun. I translated a whole verse yesterday. Philosophy is fun. We read some cool stuff from a guy named Lavelle, a french, Catholic, Existentialist. He was great! check some of his stuff out. Theology isn't that great, but we are reading a great book on the theology of Beauty. Its by John Navone, and its excellent. Espanol es muy bueno (but I'm not too confident that I even got that sentence gramatically correct, so you can see I'm not too good at it yet). And lastly, I'm doing an exegesis on Luke 4 1-13 in NT.


The Madness Can Begin.

First off, I must say I feel that Gonzaga got a nice gift from the selection commitee...If they can make it past Xavier. UCLA hasn't impressed me and Memphis is a week number one. Raivio has to step up though. Or else it will be a tough (and short) tournament for the team. Please go look at La Revolucion for good Gonzaga updates.

U-dub got screwed. I think the people picking UTAH ST over them are flat out wrong though. But, that being said. UW is going to have to get through Illinois, UNC, and UCONN just to make it to the final four. I don't think thats going to happen, sadly, but I'm not giving up hope.

As for my upsets...

I got Iona over LSU. I got San Diego State over Indiana. And another 11-6 upset with Wis-Miluakee over over OK.

My final four has Duke, BC, UCONN, and (Even though I dissed them earlier) UCLA. Its gonna be UCONN over UCLA in the final. I'm gonna win the pool this year. Suckas.


Anonymous said...

you'll have a dozen people use the phrase "its greek to me" on you when you tell them you are studying me

For a wide open tournament...everyone seems to be picking the same teams...

safe pick pick...just wit till uconn gets bounced before the final four.

If you dont believe me on the safe pick thing...check out espn:


Seminarian said...

well in my pool almost half (80) of the total competitors (180) picked UCONN. So I probably won't win.

Anonymous said...

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