Friday, March 24, 2006

Its okay Adam....

This is what I felt like doing last night. Instead I hopped in the car, drove up to the college campus where I had some privacy, and screamed I HATE LOS ANGELES at the top of my lungs. Seriously, first USC ruins a perfectly good day by beating Notre Dame. Then the Lakers ruin everyday they are on TV, and then UCLA beats the zags! Oh well, remember the Mariners in 95.

[UPDATE] I almost forgot the number 1 thing I can't stand about the LA sports scene. They are all just a bunch of bandwagon hopper onners. Thats right. Whatever team is favored to win, they cheer for. EXAMPLE: Super Bowl! Before the Super Bowl I never heard a word, from anyone, about the Steelers. Then After they checked the paper to see that they were favored by a few points, everyone around here owned Terrible Towels. LA sucks!

[ANOTHER UPDATE] LA doesn't really suck. Just their sports scene sucks. And I should also add that my Screaming I HATE LOS ANGELES last night only sort of happened. I drove up to the college campus because my phone gets better reception up there. It was more of a joke with my friend, than actually being serious. Still, almost 24 hours removed, this loss really hurt.

Excuse me while I go throw up.

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