Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Gonzaga, UW, Money

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This is a picture of the sports betting area at the MGM Grand. I admit, I placed one small (very small) bet and I lost, but one of my best moments on the trip was in this room.

First off, the room is huge, and filled with all kinds of TVs with just about every sporting event you could imagine on. There are all kinds of soft cushy chairs all over the room. I was fortunate enough to be sitting in one of these chairs during the Gonzaga vs. Indiana game.

The game itself was awesome, but it was even more awesome watching it with so many other people who were into it. On one hand, there were a lot of Zag fans there, which was pretty cool. On the other hand, just about everyone else in the area had money on the game. Most of these people seemed to have bet against Gonzaga. This only pumped the Zag fans up more. Not only did we want our team to win, but we wanted them to win by more than 3 because we didn't want any of these people who bet against our favorite team to be rewarded.

Thus, the game was way more exciting than it would have been sitting alone at the seminary.

I remember two plays that got everyone really pumped. Both of them Involved Errol Knight. One was his dunk off of the rebound. The other was his spectacular tip in. There were Zag fans all around me going nuts. I loved it. One of the best things I did the whole trip.

The UW game was also good, but I didn't get to watch the game in such a prime location, even though it was just a little before the Zag's game. But, once again, there were a lot of Husky fans, and a lot of people cheering for the Illini. The only play I really remember well was Denmon's 4 point play. That really ticked the Illini faithful off.

Looking forward to the Sweet Sixteen. Go Zags, Go Huskies, Go to Church. (ok, its redundant, but I kind of like that little send off).

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