Friday, March 03, 2006

Can't believe I forgot to post this...

A few weeks ago I bought this U2 DVD from the vertigo tour:

Its pretty much the best concert DVD I now own. Here are some of the highlights (which is pretty much everything).

1) The very beginning, even before City Of Blinding Lights. It plays the end of this one song that I never found out the name of. It just goes OOOOOHHHH over and over again. Then it cuts into the intro to the show: "Everyone. Everyone. EVERYONE!"

2) City of Blinding lights. Especially the guitar intro by Edge.

3)An Cath Dubh --> Into the Heart. An Cath Dubh became my favorite U2 song after the tour, and this shows why. Then they bust right into "Into the Heart." He pulls up this kid onto the stage and does the Bono thing (you know, just acting really cool and what not). Says "Hi, whats your name" to the kid. The kid says "clarence. (or something like that)" And he says, "Hi. My names Paul. But my friends call me Bono." Its awesome.

4) Miracle Drug. Pumps up the crowd by telling them how he "fell in Love" in Chicago. Playing bars. Walking on the tables. Kissing other guys girlfriends. And then he fell in love with Jazz.

5) Love and Peace or Else. I didn't like this song too much, until I saw it in concert. The whole song is good, but of course theres nothing better than when Bono drums at the end into Sunday Bloody Sunday.

6) Running to Standstill. I love how Bono gets political, yet doesn't actually get political. This song started the "finale" (although this "finale" lasted like half the concert). He dedicates RTS to "The Brave Men and Women of the United States Military." Then the end, which sends shivers up my spine each time I watch it, has a video of this women, through the fog, saying the basic human rights (i believe these are from Amnesty Int, but I'm not sure).

7) Pride (In the Name of Love). Perfect follow up to Running to Standstill.

8) Where the streets have no name. Not as good as the Live in Boston version, but still alright. The african flags are cool in the background.

9) One. I love the intro to this song. Love it. There is this awesome camera shot from above that focuses right on to Adam Clayton, the bassplayer. This cool little melody is playing. And then Bono talks about the one campaign. Unfortunately, while this was all good on the DVD, it doesn't capture what it was like to be there in person. Especially when everyone pulled out their cell phones. Gives me chills thinking about it.

10) Zoo Station. The Fly. Mysterious ways. I'll include this as one highlight. I liked the intro to Zoo Station. They didn't do this at either of the Seattle shows or the Vancouver show, so it was new to me. I love the fly. It was nice to hear the version closer to the achtung baby version, but I like the Boston version a lot. Mysterious ways. Bono did the thing again where he pulls a girl up on stage and she dances around. Always a good moment.

11) Yahweh. Just love this song! Its such a good prayer. Take this soul and make it sing. Take these hands don't make a fist. I love it. The acoustic version is good, and I love it when they all go out on the oval (I can't believe this is the first time I've mentioned the oval in this post). I was happy this song was included since I only saw it once out of three concerts on the tour.

12) 40. Wow. The fortieth psalm is one of my favorites because of this band. This was a perfect way to end the show. After he was done singing, Bono pulled out a Rosary and hung it on the microphone stand. There was a great camera shot of the crucifix dangling in focus. Then he dedicated it to a priest at the university of notre dame. Then he walked off the stage, as the the band kept jamming and the entire crowd sung "How Long, to sing this song." Then Adam left, the crowd cheered and kept singing. Then the edge. The crowd kept singing. Then The drummer stopped. Sat there. paused. Then busted into a drum solo. The crowd kept singing. Then he finished and left. And the crowd kept singing.

I've never personally been to a concert where the crowd was such a part of it. Even my favorite Dave Matthews concert might not compare to this.

Anyways, its a great DVD and its being sold pretty cheap on amazon right now. Check it out.

Here is a gratuitous picture I took at the first Vancouver BC show:

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Val said...

Ha ha ha! Glad you're still enjoying U2. Hey that American Papist site is pretty sweet. iPOD. Ha ha ha.