Monday, March 06, 2006

The Cafeteria Is Closed

Gerald Augustinus just added a link to my blog on his page. Give him a read. He has great content and he is funny.


Val said...

Heh, you just like him because he said that "Lord of the Dance" is a freaky weird song. Ha ha. By his standards then "Be Not Afraid" is also crap...I distincly remember you liking that song. Though..Redeemer Lord still holds up well :)

Seminarian said...

Lord of the Dance is freaky wierd. "Be Not Afraid" is nowhere near the lamness of that song, and "Redeemer Lord"...well I like it when you sing it! (But I can't say I've ever heard anyone else even attempt it.)

Val said...

Hah! You should hear the original version. It's men singing it...which is more appropriate I guess considering the lyrics "a worm and no man am I", but it sounds very different. Too bad you won't be hear around Palm Sunday, Monica, Fred, and I are doing the music for Passion Plays for Ferndale, Lummi and Blaine. Should be sweet.