Thursday, March 16, 2006

And I can breathe out...

The zags made me sweat it out. They pulled it off, but they made me sweat it out.

I only got to watch the last 10 minutes because the UCLA game was on down here and I went to Mass at halftime. One thing I gathered was that Raivio did not step up. He fouled out with just seven points. That disapointed me a bit. Morrison had another huge game, and talked trash the whole time. Cage was a little frustrated, I could tell. And Morrison let him know.

My bracket is doing all right. I'm 7 of 11, but haven't lost anyone too important yet. If BC went down, that would have cost me. My stupid pick of the day was South Alabama over Florida. I suck.

Looking forward to the huskies and a full day tomorrow.

Oh. And some cool news. I got a phone call from my buddy Andy today and he is in LA. I'm gonna make my way over to Santa Monica tomorrow sometime to see him.

More updates later. Take it easy.

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