Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Weekend at the OC

I had an awesome weekend away from the Seminary down in Orange County. I went to visit some friends in Dana Point CA, and Laguna Beach CA. The weather was incredible and I had some time to sit, think, and pray. Overall it was a much needed few days.

But, reality hit now that I am back at School. I am planning a discernment retreat (for some dioceses I don't even belong to) that is less than three weeks away. I also have a greek test tomorrow that will be difficult. Then the writing starts, with Philosophy, New Testament, and systematic Theology all having assignments due.

Gonzaga looked good against Pepperdine. It was fabulous seeing Altidor-Cespedes have a career high 17. Raivio hit double digits again, and we saw more of the same from Batista and Morrison. I'm really liking Gurganious' defense off the bench too. Can't wait for tourney time!

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Anonymous said...

Let me know if you need any NT help, I would love to pick your brain.