Friday, February 17, 2006

This takes me back

Its Friday, and you know what that means. Room cleaning day! And you know what that means. Find something, anything, to do besides cleaning my room.

All I needed to do was think about something funny. Oooh! I know. Kiet fell down during Mass yesterday! That was funny! Kind of reminds me of watching people fall down at Western when the bricks get frosty.

Thats when I was reminded of one of my favorite columns in the Western Front. This pass time of watching people fall down on bricks was suggested by a guy who used to write for the Front named Mike Baab. So I've been reading all of his columns here on the front's website. (You'll have to type in "Mike Baab" to see his columns.)

My favorites include his trip to Canada on the Eve of President's day, his insiders view of Starbucks, and his BINGO experience in Ferndale. But the best is his final column in which he summarized his favorite (and least favorite) things about western, including the best place to go to the bathroom.

This weekend I'll be heading down to the OC and hopefully to San Diego. Should be rad.


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