Friday, February 24, 2006

Some Good Nietzsche Quotes

This week in philosophy was probably one of the best weeks of that class we have had. We went over famous Athiest thinker Friedrich Nietzsche and then over Cardinal Newman. Nietzsche was interesting because of how absurd some of his statements were. Here are some "gems" from Nietzsche that demonstrate his disdain for what he considers to be weak:

- If a woman has manly virtues, one feels like running away; and if she has no manly virtues, she herself runs away.

- Women are considered profound. Why? Because one never fathoms their depths. Women aren't even shallow.

- What is more harmful that any vice? Active pity for all the failures and all the weak: Christianity.

- Christianity has sided with all that is weak and base, with all failures.

- The problem I thus pose is not what shall succeed mankind in the sequence of living beings, but what type of man shall be bred, shall be willed, for being higher in value, worthier of life, more certain of a future.

Some life worthier than other life? Wasn't it that idea that the Nazis ran with?

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Anonymous said...

I would completey agree. I heard a great quote about how Nietzsche's ideas spread in the universities played a huge part in the rise of Natzism.

Hope you are doing well, did you get my email?