Monday, February 27, 2006

Satellite Dishes = No good

So I'm watching the Gonzaga game and its going down to the wire. There are like twenty seconds left, and JP Batista makes a layin to go up by two. Then the rain knocked out the dish, so I couldn't see how it ended. I had to find that out on the internet, and it turns out the zags won on a last second 3 pointer by Altidor-Cespedes (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite players). And I missed it!

Anyways, I know this will sound messed up, but I kind of would have liked to see the zags lose. I know it was senior night, and I know it kept their streak alive, but come tournament time it is nice to remember how much it sucks to lose. It can just help you out a bit, I think. Gonzaga has a long winning streak, but when they get into the tournament having recently lost might actually help them realize that they aren't invincible. The field of 65 isnt exactly the West Coast Conference.

And with that Being said, it is frustrating to watch the second half of the zags conference schedule. The teams all failed to beat them playing technical ball, so they have to go ahead and make the game as physical as possible in order to win. It doesnt make for clean game. But maybe that will help the zags come tourney time.

I want to see them in the Final Four danget!

But enough of this stuff. I'm a seminarian. I should be studying.


Val said...

Hm...that's funny. I would have made a different comment, like "You're a seminarian you should be praying," but fair enough. Technically you're still a student.

Seminarian said...

Study is prayer Val. Especially when you are studying theology. Prayer doesn't mean studying though, so I said it the way I did.