Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sad Super Bowl Loss

The super bowl was rediculously sad. I thought the Seahawks played pretty bad. I thought the Steelers played bad too, and it was hard not getting any breaks from the officiating.

Its interesting though, that all the talk about the bad reffing originated in the non-Steeler, non-Seahawk fan world. It came from the people who didn't have any loyalty to either team that felt the most cheated. I reviewed a transcript on ESPN. Com of a Live Game Chat. The Seahawks fans, at the end of the game, congratulated the Steelers fans. Then it was the people from the midwest, one from Chicago to come to mind, that said if he was a Seahawk fan he would be pissed off at how bad the officiating was. Then I started poking around different websites and watching shows on ESPN like Around the Horn and PTI that showed a lot of anger at the officials.

It is kind of consoling. what can I say other than that. I'm still disapointed. Hopefully the Seahawks will be back next year, but we have some improving to do, and we need to resign some players. If Alexander wants that much money, I think we can let him go. We will use our franchise tag for Hutchinson, if we don't sign him to a long term deal. Then I would love to see Jurevicious back in a hawk uniform. The odds arent in our favor though. The last few super bowl losers finished with losing records.

In Basketball, I sure hope the huskies figure out how to win again. It has been rediculous watching them lose.

The Zags are still playing fairly well, but they will be in trouble come tournament time if Adam Morrison is even a little bit off. I would love to see Raivio start making some buckets. I'm starting to love Pierre Marie though. I will definately be checking out that Stanford at Gonzaga game coming up.

Other than this its just studying and praying. Not much other than that.

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Anonymous said...

I really dont even want to think about it. I watched with some people that didn't even know who the teams were and thought the seahawks got all the bad calls...oh, well....

Glad to hear you are doing well.